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1 conservative country, naturism is largely an indoor event in Britain, and due to the changeable weather, if you want to be naked, you can but stay at your shelter, according to the owner.
2 ought to be an unalloyed pleasure to be on a beach in the warm sun: not quite naturism, but still a communing of the body with nature that modern life mostly precludes.
3 The company said it expects the cruise to appeal to a variety of European nationalities – but particularly Germans, as they are “really into naturism”.
4 discusses the development prospect of the theory of value and puts forward that the naturism theory of value has a more profound meaning and is important for economic theory and practice.
5 The Western naturism has influence on the new period literature of China.
6 Anarchists also reinforced their propaganda within the arts, some of whom practiced naturism and nudism.
7 About 15% of these visitors, or over one million per year, are involved with naturism, an industry for which Croatia is world-famous.
8 About 15% of these visitors (over one million per year) are involved with naturism, an industry for which Croatia is world-famous.
9 In this way, free love currents and other radical lifestyles such as naturism had popularity among individualist anarchists.
10 Another important current, especially within French and Spanish individualist anarchist groups was naturism.
11 Naturism promoted an ecological worldview, small ecovillages and most prominently nudism as a way to avoid the artificiality of the industrial mass society of modernity.
12 This relationship between anarchism and naturism was quite important at the end of the 1920s in Spain, when "[t]he linking role played by the 'Sol y Vida' group was very important.
13 The relation between anarchism and naturism "gives way to the Naturist Federation, in July 1928, and to the lV Spanish Naturist Congress, in September 1929, both supported by the Libertarian Movement.
14 Important currents within it include free love, anarcho-naturism and illegalism.
15 Anarcho-naturism was promoted by Henri Zisly, Emile Gravelle and Georges Butaud.
16 The call of nudist naturism, the strong defence of birth control methods, the idea of "unions of egoists" with the sole justification of sexual practices, that will try to put in practice, not without difficulties, will establish a way of thought and action, and will result in sympathy within some, and a strong rejection within others".
17 In the 1970s, it was mostly composed of "veteran individualist anarchists with an of pacifism orientation, naturism".
18 Just as in France, the spread of Esperanto and anationalism had importance just as naturism and free love currents.
19 From these early influences individualist anarchism in different countries attracted a small but diverse following of bohemian artists and intellectuals, free love and birth control advocates (see Anarchism and issues related to love and sex), individualist naturists nudists (see anarcho-naturism), freethought and anti-clerical activists as well as young anarchist outlaws in what came to be known as illegalism and individual reclamation (see European individualist anarchism and individualist anarchism in France).
20 In the late 19th century, there emerged anarcho-naturism as the fusion of anarchism and naturist philosophies within individualist anarchist circles in Cuba France, Portugal and Spain.
21 Naturism is a lifestyle of non-sexual nudity, and the cultural movement which advocates and defends that lifestyle.
22 Though the two terms are largely interchangeable, nudism emphasizes the practice of nudity, whereas naturism highlights an attitude favoring harmony with nature and respect for the environment, into which that practice is integrated.
23 Naturism may be practiced individually, within a familial or social context, or in public.
24 The XIV Congress of the International Naturist Federation (Agde, France, 1974) defined naturism as: Many contemporary naturists and naturist organisations advocate that the practice of social nudity should not be linked with sexual activity.
25 Some recent studies show that naturism can help growing self-esteem, thus having a positive impact on living a well balanced sexuality too.
26 For various social, cultural, and historical reasons, the lay public, the media, and many contemporary naturists and their organisations have or present a simplified view of the relationship between naturism and sexuality.
27 Naturism and nudism have the same meaning in the United States, but there is a clear distinction between the two terms in Great Britain.
28 A naturist resort is, to a European, a private property with accommodation and facilities where naturism is the norm.
29 The Nambassa hippie festivals held in New Zealand in the late 1970s is an example of non-sexual naturism.
30 The prevalence of naturism tends to increase during the summer months especially when the temperature is higher with some regions hosting first-time naturists and people who have recently started to practice the naturist lifestyle.