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No. sentence
1 He risked his health and his reputation to advance the idea that we are not over nature but a part of it.
2 Chinese geologists are pitting their knowledge, skill and modern technical equipment against nature in an effort to get more oil for their country.
3 As a shepherd is of a nature superior to that of his flock, the shepherds of men, i.e., their rulers, are of a nature superior to that of the peoples under them.
4 They misunderstand the nature of organizational conflict.
5 I think I misunderstood the nature of this event.
6 NATURE AND GRAND-PRIZE WINNER Aaron Lim Boon Teck Singapore.
7 This may reflect the ambivalent nature of a “settlement”, based on a blanket amnesty and with the territory’s future wide-open.
8 With some funding from the World Wide fund for Nature, it recently ran a project to interview and train "low-carbon leaders" around the country.
9 outrageous collection of things nature in a lovely Gothic Revival building from 1880.
10 The changing nature of the family, with fewer children who themselves often move away, has increased the prospect of elderly isolation.
11 In the white Sea nature reserve for white whales one can swim with these wonderful creatures or even touch them.
12 quantum nature of its behavior emerged from the accumulated readings.
13 biggest benefit of writing to the log first, then writing to the database is that all writes to log files are sequential in nature.
14 Numbers are not the only reason to care about nature but they do capture one reason to value diversity.
15 When it ends the publisher mentions the pictorial nature of the publication and stresses: "This is the only book. There won't be another one.
16 A key question will be the nature of any evidence against the couple obtained by the British security services.
17 photographer, who is also interested in nature and eastern Philosophy, said he wanted to reveal the world anew as children saw it.
18 fire consumes the offerings accompanied by the sound of firecrackers, god accepts the gift, indicating that there is harmony between nature and people.
19 One night during C4, someone inadvertently helped me see this when he described to me the nature of his work: "Coding the basic functionality is the easy part."
20 the largely denuded 25 hectares of the island were declared a nature preserve.
21 Batch and query applications typically do a lot of sequential processing, while data access for OLTP tends to be more random in nature.
22 Controversy also brewed over Reverend Samuel Parris, who became Salem Village's first ordained minister in 1689, and was disliked because of his rigid ways and greedy nature.
23 Go outside, walk around, look at people, look at nature, think about your day and your life and the people in it.
24 Whenever I feel blocked, I grab a notebook, and go to whatever nature I have close to me. It may be a park, the beach or whatever.
25 The first sets the stage for the reading of the eponymous notebook, while the later one takes the characters into the land beyond happily ever after, a future rarely examined in books of this nature.
26 GRUB 2's modular nature means that you can explicitly load modules to support various features.
27 Man's understanding of nature is developing all the time, it never remains at the same level.
28 Philosophy is the scientific knowledge that summarizes the nature and society.
29 Nature can only let us exist while arts create our mankind.
30 The author analyses the traditional three doctrines of corporation, and believes that the nature of the corporate should not be rigidly persevered in one theory, for the sake of daily practice.