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natural disasters in a sentence

1. Natural disasters have been frequent and varied.

2. the escalation of natural disasters and famines;

3. Miamisburg has suffered some natural disasters.

4. The city has had several natural disasters.

5. Kerman is prone to natural disasters.

6. Other natural disasters are uncommon.

7. defending against The Natural Disasters.

8. Thiers is vulnerable to natural disasters.

9. Several natural disasters marked his reign.

10. corruption; natural disasters;

11. lost the championship to The Natural Disasters.

12. by natural disasters, such as drought;

13. The region is also prone to natural disasters.

14. and painting pictures of natural disasters.

15. The program focuses on natural disasters.

16. plane crashes; and natural disasters.

17. In an event of diseases and natural disasters;

18. DN3: (Defense against natural disasters).

19. Haiti is no stranger to natural disasters.

20. However, further natural disasters followed.

21. China is a country prone to natural disasters.

22. As well as Helping out in natural disasters.

23. However, natural disasters can also be covered.

24. Livelihoods Affects by Natural Disasters.

25. The Bushwackers vs. The Natural Disasters;

26. This is common of many natural disasters.

27. (iv) wind-related natural disasters;

28. There's natural disasters at every turn".

29. climate change and natural disasters;

30. Natural disasters in Nepal.