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No. sentence
1 In the post-colonial period Penang fell victim to the rise of nationalism.
2 SCHOOLS across the eastern Mediterranean, children are still learning about the past of the fascinating places where they live through the distorting lens of modern nationalism.
3 This kind of nationalism is blacked out by average Chinese people in China.
4 The Dutch Military Academy, which he entered at 17, introduced him to European colonialism, Indonesian nationalism and, eventually, to the global ideological split between right and left.
5 Yet in devolved Scotland there is little of the cultural nationalism that is so striking in Wales, and which might make it hard for a party seen as English to do well.
6 Around Brussels, there is much muttering about German selfishness and even nationalism.
7 She could have made a career at Izvestia, and did a short stint there, but never fitted in at a newspaper which in recent years has exuded nationalism, conformism and cynicism.
8 Although Peruggia cited Italian nationalism as the reason for stealing the painting, the prospect of the fortune he would gain from selling the Mona Lisa appears to be his true motive.
9 Put simply, they believe that nationalism is the greatest of evils.
10 It's a state in which Iraqi nationalism is very strong, and the neighbors ought to be reinforcing that.
11 new nationalism can only hasten the process.
12 The world is facing not peak oil, but a pinnacle of nationalism.
13 Nationalism of any sort repelled her.
14 He was clearly reaching for a Tunisian nationalism and fellow-feeling in speaking like the people do in their homes and on the streets.
15 Yet as governments seek to block foreign takeovers of energy firms amid smouldering economic nationalism in Europe, the prospects for consolidation of the telecoms incumbents look bleak.
16 People must be prepared for this possibility, and ready to resist the excesses of racialism, nationalism and eugenics that some are bound to propose in response.
17 But even the default of an agglomeration of smaller countries would end any hope of an open international economy and inaugurate an age of financial nationalism.
18 During British rule the region formed the backbone of the colonial economy and served as a cradle of Zambian nationalism.
19 WHEN nationalism rears its head in China, the country's neighbours tremble.
20 Day one brought much talk of "patriotism" and "nationalism" with a nod and a wink. There was some singing too (see our video above).
21 But Chinese leaders know the dangers of giving nationalism too free a rein.
22 A fourth risk is resurgent economic nationalism as countries such as Russia and china-and indeed america-race to secure and exploit scarce raw materials.
23 The Sichuan earthquake, tragic as it was, has shown the world the compassionate face of Chinese nationalism.
24 The twin articles of independent Ireland's faith, Catholicism and nationalism, were eclipsed by material ambition: the desire to get on, to improve one's station in life.
25 And that, too, tends to nudge policy towards nationalism.
26 Nationalism was a potent solvent too, particularly in places such as the Baltic states, that felt they were captive nations of a foreign empire.
27 Such a reaction reflects the culture of cynicism and nationalism that has flourished in Russia in recent years.
28 For the Palestinians, it was the nakba, the Disaster: banishment from their ancestral homes as the innocent victims of aggressive Jewish nationalism.
29 To counterbalance these woes, the new elite may resort to even wilder forms of nationalism; and that nationalism could turn into a monster that even its creators cannot control.
30 As leaders of the Law and Justice party, the twins' abrasive nationalism antagonised both Russia and Germany.