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No. sentence
1 Please check out these names and Numbers.
2 I give you chocolate heart”, “Love bite” or “Warmth of love” could be the names of these photos.
3 By themselves, the RAID device names tell us nothing about their type.
4 In this installment, part 4, of the series you learned how to handle multiple service names matches in a service registry with advanced search capability.
5 They were just giving me names and information, ” he said.
6 In some cases, you may not want the client to see the default tag names, either due to message format requirements, or for simply masking the default tag names.
7 That said, here's my list of the most important names in C + +, ordered by when they published something related to C + + in a form more formal than a newsgroup Posting.
8 As with my other lists, I limit myself to five names here: no ties, no honorable mentions.
9 The announcer read out the names of the players before the game began.
10 Names of resources and their media types.
11 Before heading back to town, he ordered us not to speak to anyone about what we had seen, and jotted down, one by one, the names of all who had been there.
12 We have already stated the general principle that we should prefer business domain names for services and operations, using verbs for operation names.
13 Those were the names of Aaron's sons, the anointed priests, who were ordained to serve as priests.
14 The defendants' names were not released in an effort to protect the anonymity of the underage offenders.
15 Young people are swiftly losing cursive, using it only to sign their names or write the odd cheque.
16 The children carefully printed their names in capitals at the bottom of their pictures.
17 is important for your site is that you choose topic names that are meaningful within the context of the topic trees that you will define.
18 have trouble remembering names at parties?
19 Carreon says her husband often called her names, ridiculed her weight and legal status, said she was crazy, and destroyed or trashed her personal belongings.
20 After the exercises they wrote down all the places where different people gathered, plus the names of people who everyone talked to, such as hairdressers and bartenders.
21 rich variation in the spelling of names, in particular, has led to some interesting spell checking algorithms.
22 This fuzzy analysis of the submitted information must be conducted to consider similar names and minor variations in spelling.
23 In fact, if you like, you can check names by regular expression or by other computation.
24 Upon storage, DB2 will preserve the internal structure of this document, converting its tag names and other information into integer values.
25 Important: Use the same variable names in each file.
26 You can of course pick different service names as command line arguments and so on.
27 The little girl can rattle off the names of all the countries.
28 He read off the names on the list in the headmaster's presence.
29 Her name will be ranked with the names of history.
30 For the naming problem, we need to convert names using the more readable descriptions, but limit their length to no longer than 50 characters.