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No. sentence
1 Every year, when winter descends on the country, one of English literature’s great works always finds itself pulled down from my bookshelf: namely, William Thackeray’s immortal Vanity Fair.
2 We hope we can now focus on all that that madman took, namely nearly 3, 000 + innocent victims, and not on him.
3 The real Holy Grail for an interstellar mission will be breakthroughs in our ability to harness thermonuclear energy — namely fusion.
4 The railroad connects two cities, namely, New York and Chicago.
5 So, it is a good advice to introduce all types of food to babies at this stage, namely, carrots, spinach, and a porridge containing vegetables and proteins that would form a healthy solid food.
6 These are washed clean by something deeper that has grown up because of fidelity, namely trust and respect.
7 It demonstrates what happens if there are no exceptional circumstances; namely, it inserts records into the database.
8 Some developers insist that attribute information should be metadata, namely information about the data, and not the data itself.
9 First, the subject of the sentence, 'Socrates', and second a property ascribed to the subject, namely' being wise '.
10 If we look beneath the surface of our public affairs, we can discern one fundamental fact: namely, a great redistribution of power between society and the State.
11 Secondly, four variables about second language acquisition are especially enunciated, namely, input, process, task and context.
12 To put this right, the author proposes new approaches for childrens art education, namely, learning artistic skills in complete art situation, in play and in fairy tale telling.
13 TQM namely focusing ashore process improvement and innovations and the intention is to find the problem root cause so that to meet guest overall satisfaction.
14 Malamud attracted me much the way Steinbeck did, namely, his vision of society and a dedication to a better world.
15 We stay in southern Africa for this next peculiarity as we focus in on the world's only sovereign state to be completely surrounded by one other state, namely south Africa.
16 That knocks on the head an alternative explanation for coat patterns, namely that spots are some form of signal between animals of the same species.
17 Diamond is featured by four characteristics, namely the purity, brilliance, intensity and preciousness.
18 Vertical scaling will get you only so far (namely to a somewhat higher saturation point), plus it is an expensive solution to get leading-edge hardware.
19 Persons then were assumed to be what we now have to call — namely, enviously — whole persons.
20 In the next article in this series, I will explain another commonly misunderstood aspect of SOAP which is responsible for many interoperability issues, namely, data encoding.
21 instead of proving the divergence theorem, namely, the equality up there, I'm going to actually prove something easier.
22 As commenter the Samsung Secret tells it on XDA developers, there are a few kinds of updates for phones. Namely, critical, maintenance and feature updates.
23 collapse of Lehman Brothers, an investment bank, and other financial disasters, raise fears that the sellers of these products, namely banks and insurance firms, will not honour their commitments.
24 By making a view, rather than an explicit table, we avoid the main disadvantage of a vertical schema, namely that many queries require it to be joined with itself, which can be expensive.
25 They are, however, nearly devoid of critical context — namely the color mode and the color band they represent.
26 pattern service Integrator is made up of additional, more granular patterns, namely the service router (SR).
27 Huntington drew a practical implication from these observations, namely that political order was a good thing in itself and would not automatically arise out of the modernization process.
28 While it fails to reach the height it aspires to —namely the novel's moral complexity — it's quite an entertaining experience with some timely issues on its mind.
29 The purpose that I write these hopes to have bit of depress SEOER namely must hearten, hold to.
30 The above examples demonstrate the compositional semantics of CSP — namely how the Parallel construct can be used to compose layered networks from fine-grained stateless components.