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No. sentence
1 ear canal also named middle ear splays out at the external position.
2 Aid workers might benefit from something similar to the Rory Peck Trust, named after a renowned cameraman killed during fighting in Moscow in 1993.
3 Raising machine is one kind of equipment of textile post - disposing, also named as fluffing machine or fuzzing machine.
4 The man was named Guan Yu.
5 One day, a man named Hua Tuo came by boat to the camp especially to cure Guan Yu.
6 Line 7 declares a set named prod, whose elements are the Brute and Chanelle products.
7 After casting her ballot, an elderly woman named Joan leans slightly on a cane and explains her vote for Senator Clinton.
8 One of her recent campaigns was against a company named Park West Gallery, which, she alleged, was selling fake prints by Salvador Dali.
9 is named after New Zealand's Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to scale Mount Everest, who died in Auckland on January 11 2008.
10 In a nutshell, though, this grabs all the img elements in a particular div, named "images", and then finds all those images in the "preview" CSS class.
11 The original version of Screen was released more than 10 years ago, so chances are your system has the utility—typically named /usr/bin/screen.
12 This kind of bag named Hot Club will heat quickly after rubbing.
13 there came a man named Jairus, and he was a ruler of the synagogue: and he fell down at Jesus' feet, and besought him that he would come into his house.
14 Not surprisingly, the while loop also requires a set of mutable local variables, in this case named a and b, in which to store the current pivots.
15 They include plans at California's own hell's gate, later named The Geysers—a misnomer, as there are no geysers there—already the site of the world's largest geothermal plant.
16 The main objects in the room are given capital letters - Rug, Bed, Wall - a -wonderful choice, because to Jack, they are named beings.
17 Time magazine named Martin's creation as one of the world's most anticipated inventions late last year but he is acutely aware that the quest for a working jetpack has been littered with failure.
18 The unexpectedly vast fallout from the bomb enveloped a distant Japanese tuna trawler named the Lucky Dragon No. 5 in a blizzard of radioactive ash.
19 discussion as to what the battle should be called, hi the end it was named the battle of the Cowshed, since that was where the ambush had been sprung.
20 The system required to deliver a vaccine is called the “cold chain,” so named for the set of facilities that keep a vaccine cold as it is distributed from the manufacturer to the people who need it.
21 And now, Mistress Prynne," said old Roger Chillingworth, as he was hereafter to be named, "I leave thee alone; alone with thy infant, and the scarlet letter!"
22 so it was named "Nonsuch," as in no other palace could ever equal its magnificence.
23 Nicked named Chun Chun, li won fans' hearts in the 2005 contest for her boyish style and unconventional personality.
24 Carbohydrates were first named according to their natural sources; e.g., beet sugar, cane sugar, grape sugar, malt sugar, milk sugar, cornstarch, liver glycogen, and sweet corn glycogen.
25 His heroes were Lewis and Clark, the intrepid explorers of the new American continent, and the field-trip grants he founded in later life were named after them.
26 By brief introduction the notion of lite urbanism advanced by Rem Koolhaas in the essay named What Ever Happened to urbanism, the paper discusses the value of architect in citys operation.
27 Sure, we may get a few aberrant album names if the MP3 files are not named right, but is it worth the effort to perfect that regular expression?
28 The Londons bought the 500-acre Glen Ellen ranch and vineyard in 1910 and named it Beauty ranch. It was where he lived, wrote, entertained friends and dignitaries and eventually died.
29 In the Metamorphoses, the account of Actaeon's death revolves around the virtuosic catalogue of his dogs, in which each member of the pack is named and briefly characterised.
30 This butterfly is named after the green mineral malachite - and you can see why.