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No. sentence
1 tragic myth mean precisely for the Greeks of the best, strongest, and bravest age?
2 The idea that every human heart, since the invention of the wheel, was yearning for its other half is a myth.
3 Looking you straight in the eye does not mean the person is telling the truth. Experienced liars often do this deliberately, playing on people believing the myth.
4 further proof to debunk this myth, Khadavi points out that hair transplanted to balding areas produces new hair growth, demonstrating that there is adequate blood flow to the area to support hair.
5 In my novel Dark Swirl, published in the UK more than decade ago, you can see how local myth combines with present feelings and attitudes, in more than a binary view world.
6 Wooden legs are perhaps the most interesting of these prosthetics, for their origin in myth is more obscure than their true history.
7 Why do we continue to indulge the myth that the fabulous wealth generated by this mode of production will in the fullness of time become available to all?
8 Yeats seems to be reversing this trick in "the Fisherman," seems to be converting myth back into reality the ideal object of desire from a glimmering girl back into a trout.
9 If the Son of God, Jesus, turned water into wine, should he be counted a supernatural being and therefore listed in myth?
10 Myth #4 - Accredited schools always offer a good education.
11 Mr. VandeHei and Mr. Harris say they know that reporters can feel pressured at times. But they said the notion of Politico as a journalistic sweatshop is pure myth.
12 statistics that prove otherwise, Bryun said the image of the average Russian man as a vodka-swilling beer lover was simply a myth.
13 occasionally, a third category is invoked where the myth is not refuted, but where a high level of certainty is unattainable, "plausible."
14 While some RACES have enjoyed basking in the limelight of these rumors, there is actually no scientific basis of this myth.
15 And all that remains of Che is the myth and the merchandise.
16 This is again a Western myth and one of their phobias.
17 Finally, although one frequently hears claims that Albert Einstein once explained his own brilliance by reference to 10% myth, there's no evidence that he ever uttered such a statement.
18 Sounds like a romantic comedy myth, but it's not.
19 It was more like a holiday spree as the result of discovering the schoolmaster Life with his cane to be a myth, and thereby being able to shake myself free from the petty rules of his school.
20 idealization of the family as a refuge from the world and the myth that the work of mothers is harmful has added considerable strain.
21 Chinas economy is a myth. It will cause great harm and sorrow as it unravels.
22 Why would you invent a myth of origins in which your ancestors are slaves?
23 Yet this ignominious retreat became enshrined as a glorious victory; the guts of survivors made it a founding myth.
24 Myth 4: We can have our accountant or lawyer do a valuation.
25 Whether we call it myth, science, fiction, or the Bible, explanations for the origin of man and the universe have always been popular.
26 It is too early to gauge the effectiveness of these moves. But one thing is certain: it would be tragic if seahorses vanished from the oceans to become once more creatures of myth.
27 According to the myth, the sailors believed after sailing for weeks without spotting land, they would fall off the face of the Earth.
28 Is it time that cleanses these old weapons? Or the lingering myth of medieval chivalry that turns knightly swords and lances into imaginative wonders?
29 Myth: Brain cells can’t regenerate - if you kill a brain cell, it is never replaced
30 myth of the common universal end that allows economists to believe that they can Ascientifically "and in a supposedly value-free manner prescribe what political policies should be adopted."