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mutations in a sentence

1. These mutations can cause cancer.

2. Many cancers are somatic mutations.

3. Mutations in it cause infertility.

4. Mutations in this gene are rare.

5. Numerous different mutations occur;

6. new mutations occur frequently.

7. He used the term "mutations".

8. MC1R mutations are very common;

9. 5) inherited mutations;

10. new mutations do occur.

11. Mutations are not inherently bad;

12. Mutations also can result.

13. Many tumors express mutations.

14. mutations

15. UDG repairs these mutations.

16. Mutations can be combined.

17. Most of these mutations are rare.

18. Mutations: nearsightedness.

19. mutations in other genes are rare.

20. Mutations create new alleles.

21. This bird has numerous mutations.

22. mutations of an existing breed;

23. These known point mutations are:

24. Other gene mutations are in study.

25. somatic mutations in DNA;

26. Not all mutations are high-risk;

27. Mutations in ADNP cause autism.

28. Mutations in it cause infertility.

29. Mutations is an EP by Orbital.

30. mutations; and suspensions.