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muscle cramping in a sentence

1. Agassi won in five tough sets as the younger Baghdatis succumbed to muscle cramping in the final set.

2. Muscle cramping and weakness, altered consciousness, seizures, or even coma due to electrolyte imbalances are common, especially in children.

3. These bully whippets experience no significant health problems beyond those experienced by a normal whippet, but may be more prone to muscle cramping.

4. Although many people with a defective AMPD gene are asymptomatic, others may have symptoms such as exercise intolerance, muscle pain, and muscle cramping.

5. Other common symptoms are generalized fatigue or weakness, paraesthesia or numbness, and muscle cramping or spasms.

6. Side effects vary among the various agents in this class of medications, but common side effects include: dry mouth, muscle stiffness, muscle cramping, tremors, EPS and weight gain.

7. However, severe muscle cramping during the 2010 playoffs forced him off the team's active roster, at which point he ended his playing career at age 29. After retiring as a player, Baldelli spent three years in the Tampa Bay Rays organization as a roving minor league instructor and special assistant to baseball operations.

8. However, he suffered muscle cramping during the game and had to be removed for a pinch hitter, and the Rays replaced him on their playoff roster the next day, again putting his playing career in doubt.

9. A 2009 systematic review discredited concerns that creatine supplementation could affect hydration status and heat tolerance and lead to muscle cramping and diarrhea.

10. It usually presents with clumsiness, fatigability, unsteady gait, slow or slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, involuntary movements or muscle cramping.

11. Patients may experience muscle cramping or twitching, and numbness around the mouth and fingers.

12. This results in the muscle cramping and pain that are common symptoms of the disease.

13. Hypocalcemia symptoms include parathesias, myalgias, muscle cramping, tetany, and convulsions.

14. However, this can also be used during pregnancy for cramps or pain and general muscle cramping.

15. Typical early symptoms are "tingling" (sort of electrified vibration or paresthesia) or numbness in the extremities, frequent (night) leg cramps, loss of reflexes (in knees), muscle fasciculations, "vibration" feelings, loss of balance, general muscle cramping and nerve pain.

16. The disease can cause soft bones and muscle cramping (Langerwerf, 2006, p. 54-55).

17. He was then traded to the New York Knicks for Sly Williams, but was cut by the Knicks after just eight games because chronic muscle cramping was hindering his play.

18. Macklin tried to revive his basketball career with stints in the Continental Basketball Association and in the Philippines, but continued to be dogged by muscle cramping, and decided to retire from the sport to become a banker in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

19. In 2014 the company described itself as a developer of drugs for neuromuscular disorders, pursuing treatments muscle cramping across a range of conditions including multiple sclerosis, ALS, and cramping in athletes, based on MacKinnon's Nobel Prize winning work on ion channels, and raised a $40 million Series A round.

20. Although there has never been a recorded death from any tarantula bite this species is considered to have a medically significant bite, with venom that may cause intense pain, and extreme muscle cramping judging from the experience of keepers bitten by this species.

21. Although EAMC are extremely common among athletes, the cause is still not fully understood because muscle cramping can occur as a result of many underlying conditions.

22. Deficiency of sodium and other electrolytes may lead to contracted interstitial fluid compartments, which may exacerbate the muscle cramping.

23. Medication has not been found to help reduce or prevent muscle cramping.

24. Symptoms include localized pain and swelling, exhaustion, moderate to severe muscle cramping, labored breathing and fever, sometimes delayed days after the initial bite.

25. He suffered from a rare form of muscle cramping causing raised creatine phosphokinase levels which dampened his chances in the 2014 NFL Draft.

26. These motor neurons control voluntary movements, so their degradation and death lead to symptoms like difficulty moving, weakness, trouble speaking and swallowing, muscle cramping, and muscle twitching that worsen over time.

27. Regular massages also help keep your muscles in optimal shape, greatly reducing your chances of muscle cramping during runs.

28. Muscle cramping often occurs as a result of electrolyte imbalance, so it's critical that you replace your electrolytes.

29. Another possible cause of muscle cramping at the end of long runs or RACES is that you simply went out too fast.

30. This is said to assist in pains, like muscle cramping, and childbirth.