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multiple states in a sentence

1. Some state birds are shared between multiple states.

2. Tier III is for leagues that operate in multiple states.

3. Eventually, multiple states received retired subway cars for reefs.

4. All candidates in the table below were on the ballot in multiple states.

5. tertiary institutions often having a presence in multiple states.

6. Contemporary Justices may be associated with multiple states.

7. requiring agreement from multiple states before exercising the veto;

8. Most of these operate in multiple states:

9. The company currently operates multiple factories in multiple states.

10. Multiple states have their own laws:

11. Many of them operate in multiple states.

12. Utah has symbols that are used by multiple states.

13. However, it is possible for a monarch to control multiple states.

14. All candidates in the table below were on the ballot in multiple states.

15. A probabilistic database could exist in multiple states.

16. He is still licensed in multiple states.

17. Glaze was suspected of the murders of at least 50 women in multiple states.

18. All of these organisations have a presence in multiple states in India.

19. The band's music aired on 75 stations across multiple states.

20. The college has satellite locations in multiple states.

21. Vendors come from multiple states;

22. She was raised in multiple states.

23. It has plants in multiple states: Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh.

24. Hurricane Irma affected multiple states in the South, especially Florida.

25. The Bawaria gang was involved in crimes in multiple states.

26. Ileana impacted multiple states, causing damaging floods and 8 deaths.

27. Her journey lasted 5 weeks throughout multiple states into Canada.

28. Vicente caused torrential rainfall in multiple states.

29. They collaborated with artists from multiple states.

30. Multiple states challenged the new rules.