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1 If you have multiple lists sharing the same sublist, it looks like a tree graphically, but because the lists only go in a straight sequence, you cannot access the other branches from any other branch.
2 Multiple teams - what if other teams are publishing to the trunk as well?
3 If this is you, then you need to support multiple fix levels at the same time so that your customers can run your software in conjunction with other software.
4 By adding code to manage query caches for multiple users at the same time in a single process, the process need not be suspended, but can be switched to perform work for another user.
5 This would allow customers using multiple tools built by different parts of IBM to have a more integrated experience as they switched from one tool to another.
6 In this installment, part 4, of the series you learned how to handle multiple service names matches in a service registry with advanced search capability.
7 can be multiple matches because the search on the value of is done from left to right.
8 Because diagrams can illustrate multiple views of a model, the same model element can appear in one or more diagrams.
9 If an attachment exists in multiple databases, the attachment is stored only once per server partition, and the reference counts are increased.
10 But if you use multiple aggregations with the same grouping keys, or multiple counting functions that count the same column, it will not significantly increase the execution time of the rule.
11 In this process, the SP may contact multiple web services offered by airline companies, hotels and other companies, but the original requester is never made aware of these processes in detail.
12 For each requirement that contains multiple necessary states from now and into the future, a requirements analyst opens a change request record representing a review activity.
13 Horizontal clustering: Running multiple nodes or instances of an application server on different hosts.
14 You can declare multiple layouts for a container, so as to combine both vertical and horizontal spacing.
15 Vertical clustering: Running multiple nodes or instances of an application server on the same host.
16 If it is, the current element must have multiple definitions for the same term, and so the processor puts 3 points of vertical space after the current definition.
17 This command has multiple steps, which we will look at in the next section.
18 finds multiple matching versions of a file (for instance, /usr/local/spec/chocolate/resolv.conf and /usr/local/spec/resolv.conf), it will give up.
19 element with multiple occurrences can be replaced with a list of specializations of that element, and so on.
20 Multiple occurrences of an activity do not necessarily lead to a process execution error, but they can affect the readability of the model.
21 For example, you might validate a filename entered by the user by looking for multiple occurrences of the character ':'.
22 For example, you could have multiple occurrences of the tag based on the CacheCommand constructor for your service.
23 You could modify the parseOpts() function to check for multiple occurrences of the same command line option, but you’ll have to decide how valuable adding that kind of check would be.
24 For example, some customers might provide you with multiple phone Numbers or email addresses, while others might not.
25 first outing at the Sundance Film Festival in January, Boyhood has won multiple awards. The Berlinale gave Linklater a Silver Bear for best director in February.
26 This is a modest multiple for a good bank in a good economy, but higher than those for South Korean or Taiwanese banks, which do not have the same growth prospects.
27 Switzerland may not be a tropical island, but this region has multiple islands under direct threat.
28 You open a new integration test client for each module and then attach to the module or, when you select multiple modules, click the attach icon in the integration test client that you opened.
29 As the bulldozers moved in on Star Ferry Pier, students, activists, and politicians staged multiple protests to preserve a historically and culturally significant structure.
30 At this point, you have a fully functional map pulling data in from multiple sources, including default functionality to pan with the mouse and zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.