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No. sentence
1 They bumped her off because she knew too much.
2 I do not think much of her as a musician.
3 It is not how much you read but what you read that counts.
4 This is because we attribute wealth to how much nice stuff we can buy.
5 In his spare time, which he had much of, he grew grapes on his property and fermented them in one of the outbuildings.
6 Cool climatic conditions like those typically found in New Zealand generate much higher levels of these chemicals at comparable stages of berry ripening than do warmer climes.
7 This wine's wonderful bouquet of blackberry pie, port, spice and toffee owes much to the ripening of grape substances other than sugar.
8 Tethering inflationary expectations is vital under this regime, which is why central-bank credibility now matters so much.
9 Do not expect too much of him.
10 Parents usually expect too much of their children.
11 He listened to what I had to say without much comment, then changed the subject to how I did the job.
12 She consumes much of her time in studying.
13 Animal foods, on the other hand, take stronger stomach acid to break them down and they stay in our bodies much longer, so they are better eaten with vegetables or alone.
14 Father is much better but the nurse says he's not to get up yet.
15 He worked so hard that his boss liked him very much.
16 We learned so much on this trip, about ourselves and the world we live in.
17 If you eat so much, you will get fat.
18 So how much do you need to eat on the run?
19 But I learned so much.
20 After all, our privacy and security on these sites — in terms of how much we share with others and what we consume — is ultimately up to each of us.
21 If that sounds morbid, practitioners say it is not much more so than the trading of endowment policies in Britain.
22 Because every time I meet people and talk about this we continue to get great ideas for the story So, thank you very much for your attention How many gamers are there in the audience?
23 This test—like North Korea’s missile test two months ago—was most likely conducted as much for domestic reasons as it was to send a message to the United States.
24 An individual patient might spend a whole 50-minute session telling me how much she hates her evil, persecutory boss; or he might launch into a monologue about the horrors of his teenage children.
25 But have no fear, there is no risk of collision, at least for the next century or so (forecasting much beyond that is tricky).
26 The answer depends on how much risk you can (or should) accept.
27 In other ways, like the number of users right now or the risk of spam, not so much.
28 But fast food isnt healthy enough, it doesnt compose a balanced diet and is low in nutrition. Doctors suggest that people should avoid eating too much fast food.
29 In contrast, much of the increased demand from Asia is for imbibing, not investment.
30 She knew she loved Chris that much because of her pent-up love and terror for Jerry.