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No. sentence
1 But he still has supporters in the social movements.
2 You must coordinate the movements of your arms and legs when swimming.
3 Although some critics ridiculed her flowing and expressive movements, Isadora brought flexibility and self-expression to the hidebound world of classical dance.
4 The goal is for users to be able to watch and learn from the lip movements of a native speaker dictating any sentence, even though each video is machine-generated.
5 Crucially, the technology works in real time, so the listener can hear the output in synchronicity with lip movements.
6 They say their returns are based on skill, or “alpha”, but in fact their performance is largely derived from market movements.
7 Under these more crowded conditions, the restless nighttime movements of the arrhythmic chipmunks in their burrows clued the weasels in to their locations, and predation increased dramatically.
8 Sensors under the platform, and cameras, recorded the movements of the women's ankle and knee joints.
9 Without such movements there would be no movement, and we would probably be living in a world with much more slavery, violence, destruction and tyranny than the one we live in now.
10 To make sure that the bed doesn't float away because of hard wind or weird movements, it's tethered to the walls by four cables.
11 In fact, its movements are so real you and your cat will swear theres a live mouse in the house.
12 Purists worry that the organic movement's original ideals have been forgotten as large companies that produce and sell organic food on an industrial scale have muscled in.
13 But in all of these movements, there are two attitudes, among groups who are liberating themselves whether they are Jews, or Blacks or Latinos or Asians.
14 Ahmed Jabari, the Qassam Brigades' shadowy commander in Gaza, reiterated his movement's official determination to recapture all Palestinian land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river.
15 These happen because in extremely dense crowds there is so much shoving and jostling that people's movements are no longer entirely under their own control.
16 The troop movements have raised alarm within Pakistan and caused politicians to issue stern warnings against NATO incursions across the border.
17 Each clip was sandwiched between two "neutral" samples so that the team could measure any changes in fetal movements against a baseline.
18 String players practice moving the fingers of the left hand up and down, while drawing the bow to and fro with the right arm-two entirely different movements.
19 angles, the lighting and the perfect timing allow her to capture the 'personality', the look, the best expressions, the movements and each little detail of the small kittens and puppies.
20 Feit vowed not to let Trevor hinder his movements, but the first three months, he and his wife, Holly, hardly took their son anywhere.
21 Occasionally, it causes no discomfort at all, but you may feel pain when you lift heavy objects, cough, strain during urination or bowel movements or with prolonged standing or sitting.
22 is played by humans on two pianos through six movements.
23 Do not delude yourselves in believing that her movements will be unrelated to that which you have contributed.
24 with most African liberation movements, history has only one telling.
25 movements are calculated by projecting a grid of infrared light spots into a room, tracking how light bounces back, and correlating this with information from the stereo cameras.
26 perhaps, Archer reflected, because her early vivacity had disappeared; because she was so quiet — quiet in her movements, her voice, and the tones of her low - pitched voice.
27 He asked me if I hadn't in fact found some of the dance movements of the puppets (and particularly of the smaller ones) very graceful.
28 is based on the dancers' steps and their graceful gestures and movements.
29 The problemis the insulin - this hormone that acts like a key to get the sugar out of theblood into the muscle cells, where it can power your movements.
30 In all these men, institutions, and movements God chose to favor them outside of their narrow ecclesiastical constituencies.