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motivations in a sentence

1. There are various motivations to smuggle.

2. The motivations for self-harm vary.

3. withdrawal motivations;

4. Imitation has several motivations.

5. However, Soth had his own motivations.

6. Her motivations are unclear.

7. Stu's motivations and origins are unknown.

8. History cannot know Pender's motivations;

9. Motivations for the bombings remain unclear.

10. Two basic motivations underlay the project;

11. Motivations for this can vary;

12. The motivations are thin.

13. Motivations have changed over time.

14. The motivations for this are:

15. Each has dreams and motivations.

16. Reagan had three motivations.

17. Both motivations alone were not enough.

18. He had several motivations.

19. His motivations are not recorded.

20. Motivations were mixed.

21. His true motivations remain unclear.

22. Other motivations for drunkorexia include;

23. sometimes with good motivations

24. the spiritual motivations for mission.

25. The motivations of Klaw &

26. Primarily, his motivations were political.

27. There were several motivations.

28. Several motivations underlie the project.

29. People's motivations".

30. His motivations for fighting are uncertain.