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No. sentence
1 In the end numerous, mostly unrelated, items have been grafted on, from higher federal deposit-insurance limits to a tax exemption for wooden children's arrows.
2 They mostly live on the outskirts of a town.
3 In Engare Sero, a village of 6,000 people, mostly Maasai herder s, just about everyone interviewed said they would vote for him.
4 A group of US embassy staffers left the room, mostly in a jubilant mood — all had passed except for one man, who only got 82 percent correct.
5 Venice, a city of beauty and charm, was built as a collection of 118 separate islands, relying entirely on a canal system of about 150 canals, mostly very narrow, crossed by some 400 Bridges.
6 Foreign institutions, which used to account for about 40% of company lending, have mostly gone home; domestic players have merged; and the market is dominated by four big Banks.
7 Though seawater contains only three parts per billion of uranium, mostly in the form of uranyl tricarbonate, the element can be sucked out of it by ion exchange.
8 If you have the opportunity to drive through the gentle, rolling hills amidst lush farmlands, perhaps you will see a horse and buggy driven by a family dressed mostly in black.
9 Nuclear scientists, says Mr Ohmae, are mostly sponsored by utilities, compromising their independence. He describes them as "Christmas-tree decorations" on government safety commissions.
10 Nuclear scientists, says Mr Ohmae, are mostly sponsored by utilities, compromising their independence.
11 He never saw the burning towers until this year, and I was relieved that I mostly managed to keep his life sacrosanct.
12 There is great uncertainty, mostly because there is such uncertainty in general about how to control the rate of growth in health care costs.
13 Teachers rarely point out that these systems are plucked from a far larger set of systems that are mostly nowhere near so tractable.
14 Partly because this is so cool, but mostly because I just scarfed a bunch of gummy orcs and the White Chocolate Pretzel Tree of Gondor.
15 Be aware that this exception contains information about the permissions requested and the union of all permissions available for the request, mostly for logging purposes.
16 Besides two days I was mostly out of commission due to my hurt knee/foot and I only went out to dinner for a bit.
17 I wear it under my makeup every .day, even though I'm mostly in the office, " said Dee Fitzpatrick, a lawyer from Washington, D.C., who recently traveled to San Francisco on business.
18 For example, rural, micro and small business borrowers mostly borrow at their personal risk as they are typically not incorporated.
19 Back then computers were mostly for scientific computation, like calculating the orbits of rockets.
20 This newspaper circulates mostly in the commercial districts.
21 Dunas suggests starting with mostly shallow, slow thrusts; as your partner becomes more aroused, mix in a higher percentage of deeper thrusts.
22 She mostly missed and took a tumble — but it's no surprise her first instinct was to protect her husband.
23 The land is big and mostly flat with many fields of corn, wheat and soybeans. But as we travel west, the cropland gives way to wild grasses.
24 The planet has a relatively thin atmosphere composed mostly of nitrogen and oxygen.
25 Humans have mostly abandoned the grooming strategies of our chimp Cousins. So there's a good chance your scalp and the back of your head go largely unexamined.
26 Safari used to mean coming home with lion skins and elephant tusks, but modern photo-safaris result mostly in great snapshots and stories: an outcome which satisfies both the hunter and prey.
27 He asked me questions for fifteen minutes; mostly about how to measure the psychogalvanic reflexes and what they indicate.
28 There are some proposals for removing the rubbish, like creating a series of lasers that would sweep the trash back into our atmosphere, where it would mostly burn up.
29 The flour grains came mostly from cattails and ferns, plants whose roots are rich in starch, kind of like a potato.
30 As the word came down to English in the 16th century through Latin it narrowed its meaning from including things like garlic to mostly referring to Onions.