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No. sentence
1 Have you noticed that most of the security practitioners you meet or work with have already switched to Apple?
2 This twisted logic seems now to apply to one of Europe's most troubled economies.
3 SOME members of North Korea's elite have long drunk the world's most expensive cognac and nibbled caviar.
4 Between us we own most of this company.
5 What knocks me most is his ignorance.
6 All the branch heads will be there, and most of the staff.
7 Most fruit trees flower in the spring.
8 For the most serious investors, money is not the only investment they make, the entire worth of their beings depends on the bull or the bear.
9 He was one of the most famous scientists who questioned the space in the early years of the 20th century.
10 be most unwise to minimize the dangers of this course of action.
11 Most of them balloted against the candidate of President of the club.
12 A farmer surnamed Wang, who thought up the unique idea, said most of his \ \ \ \ \ \ \ "milk watermelons \ \ \ \ \ \ \" have been booked in advance.
13 Most members of parliament from the banned party have regrouped under another banner and they, along with coalition partners, still hold a majority of seats.
14 These activities occupied most of her time.
15 Most of them use proprietary XML formats to store documents, but some of these companies have started publishing the DTDs they use.
16 Hardly a week passes without someone publishing a book on the subject. Most are rubbish.
17 Most important, every one of those smart phones will be constantly connected to the Internet.
18 He explains how most travelers with smart phones always have them on and are constantly getting information from them.
19 What is the most touching part of your partner when you are with her?
20 Some of the book's most touching moments center not on Marx's relations with his wife and daughters but on his friendships; it is here, perhaps, that he managed to be most fully human.
21 As a country, we have produced some of the most romantic writing ever produced in any language - from Shakespeare's sonnets to touching love letters written by Winston Churchill.
22 Neck touching and/or stroking is one of the most significant and frequent pacifying behaviors we use in responding to stress.
23 But here are a few ways you should try touching her — most women respond very positively towards ALL of them.
24 While each story is unique, it functions for the most part as something that can be Shared and exchanged with others.
25 We all have dreams, but most of us make excuses for not pursuing them.
26 Television has displaced film as our country's most popular form of entertainment.
27 Most parents want to get their children off before they grow old.
28 If you know at the beginning what the system needs to do and how it needs to do it, you can do most (if not all) your design up front.
29 She dwells in the country during most of the year.
30 We can communicate with people in most parts of the world by telephone.