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more scholars in a sentence

1. He himself declared that among his contemporaries none had made greater journeys, seen more countries, and met more scholars than himself.

2. As these sciences received wider attention from the elite, more scholars were invited and funded to study particular sciences.

3. The college gained a large number of benefactions during this time, which helped to pay for the buildings and bring in more scholars from other, mostly northern, towns.

4. The more scholars and celebrities he received and the busier he became with his writing, the more often he had to stay home and conduct his botanical research in the backyard.

5. In the 1920s as more and more scholars decided the scene dates to 13 BC, Loewy proposed that Lucius was too young to be this boy.

6. More and more scholars come to the conclusion that Neuri were a branch of Eastern Baltic people and best coincides with the spread of Jukhnovo culture or Plain Pottery group.

7. In addition, the organization has a Committee on Second Language Writing to bridge work between CCCC and TESOL to involve more scholars in the field's discussions.

8. "Now we can welcome many more scholars and we can look forward to developing collaborative projects with other institutions both in the UK and internationally," Cobbing said.

9. Whether more scholars will take up this challenge for research more comprehensively remains to be seen.

10. More scholars simply believe that the condemnation of judging in Matthew 7:1 is far from absolute.

11. As treatment regimes, understanding of the pandemic, and awareness about HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination evolve, more scholars argue for an end to HIV exceptionalism.

12. The term Austronesian focus was widely used in early literature, but more scholars turn to the term voice recently because of the arguments against Austronesian focus.

13. Commonly, intellectual synthesis occurs as an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary academic effort by one or more scholars.

14. Editing and translation are assigned to one or more scholars who are specialists in the author concerned and are subject to careful verification by a third expert.

15. Through the 19th century the cave was visited by more scholars, but it was not until 1901 that it was excavated.

16. It has been claimed in recent years, that within the Mormon community, more scholars have gravitated toward this general group of geographic scenarios than any other group of theories.

17. The joining of both Sufism and Shi'ism was further explored throughout history by more scholars like Amuli.

18. In October 2014 the Unite Foundation announced it had secured an £8.5 million, five-year funding pledge from Unite Students which it claims “will mean about 300 more” scholars.

19. The article The First Emperor of China Destroys Most Records of the Past Along with 460, or More, Scholars.

20. He has created and pioneered large scale collaborations, in which many (up to 100 or more) scholars and practitioners from business, government and societal groups work productively together.

21. There were several day-schools in the city, numbering 70 or more scholars, who joined the girls from the Home in Sunday-school, and with women also, brought the attendance up to 150-180.

22. One or more scholars serve as editors of the journal with an advisory board whose members serve five-year terms.

23. To bring more scholars into the field, she published several edited collections, and co-edited a reference work of primary sources in leadership ethics.

24. She decided she wanted to study math and science after she heard a speech by president John F. Kennedy in which he encouraged more scholars to study engineering, science, and math.

25. Folkloric lexicology is a new Angle of lexicology study, the article trys to replenish it and wish more and more scholars can pay attention to it.

26. In recent years, instigation crime has been discussed in-depth by more and more scholars, but there are still a lot of confusions.

27. As a new thinking and method of research during hydrocarbon exploration, the petroliferous system has got attention from more and more scholars recently.

28. more scholars in Song Dynasty explicated the historical origins and value foundation of proprieties in philosophy aspect.

29. The formation of the whole network was, in fact, the shaping of Donglin school, and the process of Gu Xian-cheng's philosophy being accepted by more and more scholars.

30. arosed more scholars'interest in peering the mechanisim of long-run growth which are discussed in the growth theory field as well as development theory field.