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No. sentence
1 But lately, it seems as if every time I turn around, a vegan is insisting that feasting on a pork chop is morally equivalent to eating a hunk of dog meat.
2 When we find somebody lying, we get angry, we feel we've been betrayed or violated or insulted in some way, and the liar is regarded as deceptive, deficient, morally at fault.
3 You want to know if it is morally OK to fire someone for being annoying.
4 speaking morally, something like cowardice and falsehood?
5 Humans cannot morally own each other, nor can they "morally" own animals; humans are simply caretakers of the animals.
6 If people perceive one such rule to have been violated, they may feel morally obliged to retaliate against the wrongdoers — even if the retaliation does more harm than good.
7 Of course, this is a power, like my brand of fictional magic, that is morally neutral.
8 But as long as the global elite is armed with and shielded by the belief that they are a genuine meritocracy they'd find it morally repulsive to make the necessary compromises.
9 Published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association of Psychological Science, the findings look encouraging: Participants acted more morally than they would have predicted.
10 To save capitalism in the years to come Mr Brooks wants to persuade Americans all over again that a free-enterprise system is not only more efficient than socialism but morally superior as well.
11 Even as a politician on a four-year elected cycle, you can't morally leave someone with that problem.
12 Judging people as individuals rather than as representatives of groups is both morally right and good for business.
13 So, Kaufman says that the pagan worldview is one of an amoral universe ; Not a moral universe; not an immoral universe; but an amoral universe. It is morally neutral.
14 But Jennifer's presence in the small town attracts the attention of a few morally deprived locals who set out one night to teach this city girl a lesson.
15 Myanmar's neighbours are too morally insensible even to rebuke it in the councils of the Association of South-East Asian Nations.
16 When we step too close to something morally unsavoury at a business meeting or a party, we say: "I wanted to take a shower."
17 But many other economists and many voters think that in a time of fiscal dire straits, "tax cuts" (especially on the richest earners) are morally unjustifiable and economically reckless.
18 The conscience prevents us from doing morally bad things.
19 While acknowledging the diversity of the African continent, Wolfowitz says it's morally wrong that Africa has not, as a whole, progressed in the same way as other places around the world.
20 And again we make the same compelling humanitarian appeal: how can we morally afford to let so many people suffer and die from easily preventable or treatable causes?
21 In future research, "we might try to turn this effect around" and see how emotion leads people to act less morally than they forecast.
22 Education must serve the needs of socialist modernization, be integrated with productive labor, and train builders and successors who are well developed morally, intellectuall and physically.
23 that Sally really ought to know what Billy said to Jane, if Billy were engaged in some morally culpable deception.
24 The challenge is not, of course, to point out how morally backward so many Christians were just 200 years ago.
25 Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, the minister for women, family and community development, said in July that underage marriage was "morally and socially unacceptable".
26 It presupposes that authority should ensure by morally acceptable means the security of society and its members.
27 Our heads may be buried in our sleek laptops and gadgets, his masterly book announces, but our toes are still soaking in dirty, morally contaminated oil.
28 After all, most of us are inclined to think that inequality is morally objectionable.
29 And using these cells in potentially lifesaving research is morally wrong because even if that embryo was only a few cells or just one cell, it has the potential to be a human being.
30 And, I know it's vulgar, irresponsible and morally wrong for me to feel this way, but just the thought of this supercar smorgasbord makes me go all tingly.