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1 But this sort of moral revival is what the country actually needs.
2 He judged the strategies of the civil rights movement not only by their intrinsic moral virtue, but also by their effectiveness in ending discrimination against black people.
3 But while the autobiography contains many such bare-knuckle outbursts, you won't find many Revelations about Twain's inner moral struggles.
4 The monastery agreed to collaborate only after making clear that by doing so it was not compromising its claim to be the moral owner of the whole text, known as the Codex Sinaiticus;
5 You should tag a moral to the story.
6 I thought it was very impressive that he put that on page one of the book because it puts the reader in a moral dilemma.
7 Mainly because the precise definition of trafficking, and hence of trafficking victims, is in reality quite difficult-whether you are a policeman or a moral philosopher.
8 The rivers and the forests have a moral right to continue to exist as they have for thousands of years," he said.
9 If ethics and morals go together, you have to hone your skills at reasoning critically about ethical and moral issues.
10 Your ethical and moral values will affect the way you answer the questions. This is a key point.
11 In scientific terms, the findings showed that "the embodiment of moral purity is specific to the motor modality involved in the moral transgression.
12 this remorselessly bleak account of Iraq's moral collapse, one cannot but feel squeamish about Iraq's future, under any regime.
13 you to put yourself in such a contorted moral position?
14 But a humanist camp is less about indoctrination than reassurance that it is all right not to be religious; that it is possible to be moral without believing in the supernatural.
15 Her finely calibrated moral compass is matched by a reporter's knack for deft, understated description.
16 All the potential of embryonic stem cells might be harnessed with the new techniques-without the political and moral controversy associated with destroying a fertilized egg.
17 The bishops were right to express their "moral obligation to speak up for those who have no voice".
18 All the others had various moral defects. This fact damaged the reputation of the Round Table.
19 This classic parable provides the audience with a moral that resonates with all of humanity: If you put monkeys in charge of society, don't be surprised when everything explodes.
20 To point a moral, or adorn a tale.
21 Buying green can establish the moral credentials that license subsequent bad behaviour: the rosier your view of yourself, the more likely you are to hoard your money and do down other people.
22 But that does not mean the advocacy of high moral standards should also be separated from material rewards.
23 Some people are vegetarians for moral reasons, some don't like the taste of meat and there are one or two people who do it because it's trendy.
24 The moral of the story is that if your family resolutely refuses wholemeal, you can stop feeling bad about opting for the “refined” version of the staff of life, because it has nutritional merits too.
25 distinguishes modern sensibility from classical sensibility is that the latter thrives on moral problems and the former on metaphysical problems.
26 But none of this meant abandoning the moral high ground.
27 Akers is a committed vegetarian and he makes no apologies for the fact that he is evangelizing vegetarianism as a moral code for others.
28 Precisely because evil so often goes unpunished in this world, he asserts, the moral code must reflect another reality, in which souls are judged, punished, or rewarded after death.
29 Versions of Kant's theory of moral duty, often called deontological theories, have been widely upheld and defended by philosophers up to and including the present day.
30 Sophists in Plato’s time were men who used philosophy for profit, inventing moral loopholes to get people out of obligations, or to excuse what would otherwise be considered immoral behavior.