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1 effect of these policies might come through in 2009, since both monetary and fiscal policy always take a while to have an effect.
2 An IRREVERENT official at the International Monetary Fund recently installed a jarring ringtone on his mobile phone. It is the sound of cans being kicked down a road.
3 Political prowess is not to be sniffed at, nor is Ms Lagarde’s record as a lawyer, but much of the firefighting job of the IMF involves tricky monetary and economic analysis.
4 In the absence of effective monetary policy offsets, one would expect aggregate demand to weaken, possibly sharply.
5 Here the financial crisis has blown apart the fragile consensus between purists and Keynesians that monetary policy was the best way to smooth the business cycle.
6 But the outlook for monetary policy in the Eurozone really depends on how well the global economy weathers the current malaise in growth.
7 It is not only where the government borrows but also where the Fed implements monetary policy.
8 Just as monetary discipline was the answer nearly 30 years ago, I suspect it is the only way out today.
9 Yet, I cannot dispel my doubts that a model of monetary policy that includes no role for money is incomplete in some important respects.
10 lecture which is about monetary policy and it's really apropos right now.
11 And the best way to return to that world is by making monetary policy appropriately accommodative.
12 Well then you'd better put a monetary value on this teapot.
13 By contrast, in a depression caused by falling asset prices, a credit crunch and deflation, conventional monetary policy is much less potent than fiscal policy.
14 But John Maynard Keynes's plans for the post-1945 monetary system were aimed at limiting the imbalances that arose in the interwar system, and have popped up again in the past 20 years.
15 Petrol prices have slipped in the past three weeks as monetary policy has tightened in emerging markets.
16 Monitoring risk in the financial system was once a job for officials thought to be too dull for monetary policy.
17 However, today a President could play an important role in restoring stability to monetary policy and the value of the dollar.
18 Not to forget, of course, the heads of the UN, World Bank and International Monetary Fund.
19 For these systems, the organizations have no monetary incentive to balance usability with security, or to find some other way of protecting user accounts.
20 currency peg is open to speculative attack, so its exchange-rate stability is precarious; yet to preserve it, the country has had to sacrifice an independent monetary policy.
21 currencies to gold could also prove destabilizing if any major country failed to maintain domestic monetary and financial stability.
22 The past couple of years have demonstrated that the use of monetary policy had its costs too, not in consumer inflation but in rising debt levels and growing asset bubbles.
23 Almunia, the EU's economic and monetary affairs commissioner, said European leaders should offer support to Greek authorities in exchange for the efforts they were making.
24 The EU's monetary affairs commissioner, joaquin Almunia, flew to Riga this week to issue a stern warning that more cuts were needed.
25 most cases, Mr. Ben Bernanke, Chairman of FED, was present, and sometimes members of FED participated. They made plenty of explanations to the monetary policy of the United States.
26 Just three weeks into the new year, however, surging inflation has disrupted the story. The worry is that this could endanger the recovery by forcing a premature tightening in monetary policy.
27 Currencies are considered part of a country's monetary sovereignty, to be dealt with, if at all, by the International monetary Fund.
28 We welcome the current discussion about the role of the SDR in the existing international monetary system including the composition of SDR's basket of currencies.
29 If central Banks all print money in unison, and don't mop up excess liquidity, then the result could be a worldwide monetary fillip.
30 the Depression failed to respond to monetary policy but instead deepened and spread, Keynes went back to the drawing board.