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No. sentence
1 Whether the patronage mentality derives from the monarchy or not is something Thais surely have a right to discuss.
2 But in down-to-earth William and nice, middle-class Kate, maybe the monarchy has chanced upon a marriage that can help it reinvent itself.
3 Europe was then agog at the apparent success of John Law's schemes in France, where the sale of shares in a project to develop the Mississippi delta had relieved the monarchy of much of its debt.
4 I'm a republican, so I believe the monarchy is an outdated, parasitic institution to begin with, and that we should have a separately elected President as our head of state.
5 Encouraged, he asked the English monarchy for a more substantial expedition to further explore and settle the lands which he found.
6 It remains to be seen whether the moderate reform project can yet be salvaged or if the window to establish a popularly accepted constitutional monarchy is now closing.
7 Silhouetted against a cloudy sky, a young man rides an elephant outside the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, which is now a constitutional monarchy.
8 The British people are optimistic, hopeful enough about the monarchy to rejoice in a new generation that will be its heirs," said the rightwing Telegraph daily.
9 In an election in Kuwait, four women were elected, for the first time in an open, multi-candidate poll in a Gulf monarchy.
10 During this period, the first monarchy of Israel was established and the tribes of Israel united under a single kingdom with its capital at Jerusalem.
11 The central institution of Saudi Arabian Government is the Saudi monarchy.
12 deposed king said he was "very perturbed" at the lack of progress in establishing peace and prosperity for the people of the Himalayan nation, a year after the end of the monarchy.
13 There was once a time that none of this existed; less than 500 years ago, most Hawaiians lived freely from the land without even the requirement to pay taxes to the monarchy.
14 interpret this as criticism of the monarchy, an offence punishable by 15 years in jail.
15 Then there are the evolving attitudes to monarchy.
16 But it is not unfair to criticise the monarchy and its advisers for having created a system where the king is so sorely needed.
17 He is reckoned to be even more conservative than his mentor, and even readier to crack heads to defend national security and the revered monarchy.
18 What role, for example, had Jews played in the Polish monarchy before its dismemberment in 1795?
19 Analysts say that while there is the possibility of the Libyan monarchy coming back to some form of power if Gaddafi were overthrown, it remains unclear at this point how strong a possibility that is.
20 But to discuss Thailand's future without considering its monarchy is itself to belittle an important national institution.
21 While some protesters expressed admiration of the monarchy with which the flag is associated, others asserted that the meaning for them was primarily one of independence and revolution.
22 Some fear that the power vacuum left by an enfeebled monarchy will be filled by the army, which is already the steel behind the palace's gilded facade.
23 majority of them, when talking freely, did justice to this king who stood midway between monarchy and revolution; no one hated him.
24 triumph of monarchy in modern Britain dates from that morning.
25 The entire wedding has helped update the public image of the monarchy.
26 Medieval Christianity would itself, therefore, imitate the structures of monarchy and empire.
27 But in Monaco you feel every day that you are living in a monarchy, as if you were an 18th-century peasant.
28 paintings, which tell stories of Egyptian life under a monarchy, were found in a small space.
29 Unlike in places like California and Switzerland, referendums are extremely rare in Greece, with the last such vote held in 1974 when the country voted to abolish the monarchy.
30 For me, images like the flags on Regent Street live up to dark ideas of monarchy and patriotism as sepulchral reenactments of the imperial past by a nation trapped in its history.