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No. sentence
1 The Doha negotiations, which have stuttered repeatedly since their launch in 2001, appeared to gain some momentum this year when both India and the US signalled more enthusiasm for the talks.
2 Here is where all this welcome commitment, funding, and momentum reaches an impasse.
3 To prevent the forward momentum gained through the power stroke being lost on the return stroke, the oar pivots to around its axis expose its shortest edge when moved forward.
4 Once you feel it growing, let momentum fan the fire inside you - a fire that may have been burnt out or smoldering under the surface for a long time.
5 We needed to find a way to harness this momentum and offer it up in a way that is easy for the consumer to access and understand.
6 falling object gains momentum as it falls.
7 I have harnessed momentum and I never want to let it go.
8 I shove forward one more time and, incredibly, the slab comes loose, and I tumble forward over it, caught in my own momentum.
9 Although very tiny, each photon carries a small amount of momentum away from the asteroid, giving it a tiny kick.
10 Yet economic momentum is quickly dissipated if it meets strong-enough counterforces.
11 Anti-nuclear activists marched in Japan Monday to build momentum for their movement.
12 Hot or cold peach and mint-flavored green tea drinks keep my momentum going during the day.
13 With three other candidates bunched between them, and less than three weeks to go before the vote on April 10th, Mr Kuczynski could squeeze into the inevitable run-off if his momentum continues.
14 historical tide is surging forward with great momentum.
15 Asset prices and bubbles have momentum.
16 Joaquin says that Firefox has created a rich environment for the company to distribute its add-on, but the company is now hoping to gain additional momentum from other browsers.
17 If you know your atoms are inside your experiment, there must be some uncertainty in their momentum keeping them above absolute zero - unless your experiment is the size of the whole universe.
18 economic cooperation should be deepened to realize mutual benefits, maintain sound momentum of rapid trade growth and actively cultivate new growth points for bilateral economic cooperation.
19 After I'd left, the agenda lost momentum. But the papers and the work are all there.
20 For the next seven months you will hear words like "momentum" get thrown around.
21 Now to continue with that momentum, you may want to consider not offering a plastic bag at all unless the customer asks.
22 good momentum of development of Pakistan-China relations and the fruitful bilateral cooperation are satisfactory.
23 So, for two skaters of the same mass rotating at the same speed, the one with its mass more extended in space will have the greater angular momentum.
24 Clinton, on the other hand, hopes her attacks on what she describes as Obama's inexperience will blunt his drive and give her a chance to regain momentum.
25 of the size. Despite a couple of bouts of reform and spurts of growth, India's economy has never achieved the momentum that has dragged much of East Asia out of poverty.
26 This new charge against Hosni Mubarak is for damaging the economy by trying to cut off Internet and phone networks as the protests gathered momentum.
27 Listing 1 illustrates the process of creating a simple world occupied by a box (in the with upward momentum) and a ground plane.
28 Revenue management professionals have an opportunity to shine in 2010, adding value to their organizations and the economy as the industry recovers its lost momentum.
29 A smattering of elections take place before then in Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina and Florida and she needs to win at least a couple of these to halt Mr Obama's momentum.
30 So momentum is never exactly conserved, and kinetic energy is never exactly conserved either, so it's only an approximation.