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modifying in a sentence

1. Pogue spent time modifying procedures.

2. Many RNAs are involved in modifying other RNAs.

3. Modifying the tax base can change the effects.

4. from "fellow") when modifying nouns;

5. There are four morphemes modifying verbs.

6. they are lignin-modifying enzymes.

7. (2) Modifying the term "sender";

8. using and modifying OSCOLA citation style.

9. Modifying a node works like this.

10. Configuration is done by modifying a text file.

11. 푸른 (pur-n) is a noun-modifying form.

12. modifying some upper pipe work.

13. It was created by modifying three amino acids.

14. If so, all modifying operations are allowed;

15. The RAT is a popular pedal for modifying.

16. and modifying rating dates".

17. self-modifying code was not allowed.

18. It does this by modifying the Windows registry.

19. b. Adjective morpheme modifying noun morpheme.

20. modifying the theme or content on the fly;

21. Thus, slightly modifying the Bible verse, Hab.

22. No disease modifying drug is approved for PPMS.

23. so I had no interest in modifying the argument.

24. modifying airports to alert on collision risks;

25. By modifying a strategy pioneered by Prof.

26. or modifying dates for several key stations.

27. Modifying the dynamic linker search path.

28. Modifying GDM to support keystroke dynamics.

29. Modifying AppConfig hash and array variables.

30. Modifying your disconnected JoinRowSet object.