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modern languages in a sentence

1. He was self-taught in modern languages.

2. this is followed in many modern languages.

3. the Rorie Mackenzie Prize for Modern Languages;

4. History; Linguistics; Modern Languages;

5. Greek; English; Other Modern Languages;

6. Modern Languages, Economics, English &

7. Modern Languages, English &

8. Changes towards the modern languages include:

9. Currently, Faculty of Modern Languages &

10. Design Technology) and in modern languages.

11. It teaches at least two modern languages.

12. Languages (including ESL and modern languages);

13. Classics and modern languages were taught there.

14. the Modern Languages Faculty in 1997;

15. Sociology. Modern languages.

16. Modern Languages;

17. Linguistics. 1-3029............Modern languages;

18. Block A - Social Subjects and Modern Languages.

19. Adams with technology and modern languages.

20. Tübingen University Faculty of Modern Languages.

21. This is similar to modern languages;

22. Most modern languages are case-sensitive;

23. Institute of Modern Languages may refer to.

24. She was an Assistant Mistress (Modern Languages).

25. Modern languages and sciences were taught.

26. Modern languages are important;

27. It specializes in modern languages.

28. Modern Languages Building.

29. Modern Languages.

30. she spoke modern languages perfectly.