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mobilizing in a sentence

61. His incendiary style was more suited to mobilizing students and "feral" Earth First!

62. Despite mobilizing the entire Bangor police force in pursuit, they escaped capture.

63. By the 1890s Italian Americans in New York City were mobilizing as a political force.

64. There, he assumed the overall command after successfully mobilizing 20,000 troops.

65. In January 2003, the 99th RSC started mobilizing units for projected operations in Iraq.

66. for the purpose of mobilizing the advertising industry in support of the war effort.

67. He analyzed the diagnostic, prescriptive, and mobilizing functions of leadership.

68. This detection results in the Imperium mobilizing a fleet headed directly to Serevan.

69. Cinnamon Toast Records became known in Halifax for mobilizing the local music scene.

70. He visited many places, mobilizing public opinion in favour of the Kashmir agitation.

71. Bhupesh Gupta and Jyoti Basu were active in mobilizing support for the organization.

72. Upon graduation, Hapgood decided to dedicate his life to mobilizing the working-class.

73. They often had a propaganda or mobilizing motive, and usually remained generalized.

74. It was first titled VACM-1, for vasopressin-activated, calcium-mobilizing receptor.

75. Nahem Yousaf and Sharon Monteith called Prior "the mobilizing force in the trilogy;

76. O'Shea spent the next 3 years in Liverpool mobilizing Irish revolutionary expatriates.

77. However, he did not graduate from it because of mobilizing to the Red Army in 1940.

78. Shozi gives special attention to mobilizing men to fully embrace gender equality.

79. She is also in charge of mobilizing troops and managing the military infrastructure.

80. He has since been raising awareness and mobilizing communities for safe motherhood.

81. He was an excellent orator in mobilizing the Sri Lankan populace across the spectrum.

82. In response Bimal leaders called for a grand conference mobilizing the Banadiri clans.

83. The rebels were mobilizing in the town to prepare for an offensive in northern Hama.

84. They retaliated by mobilizing public opinion against the trial judge, Wu Yong (吳庸).

85. Mobilizing women to further sustainable development in Africa is also on its agenda.

86. First, domestic efforts involve mobilizing the military to prevent terrorist attacks.

87. She is credited with mobilizing women to participate in the independence movement.

88. Bhupesh Gupta and Jyoti Basu were active in mobilizing support for the organization.

89. Governments have an important role to play in convening, mobilizing and facilitating.

90. The Internet, for example, has played a huge role in mobilizing the public opinion.