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1 Environmental groups, meanwhile, readily concede that mobilizing against meat eaters is not their highest priority.
2 So, in extraordinary times, our extraordinary capacity to see light in darkness, hope in despair, is mobilizing us to join together to face fear with resolve, and anger with grace.
3 They were good at mobilizing the staff and finally they snowballed their businesses into big corporations.
4 Mole frees up our streets and roads for important matters, like mobilizing armies against the cyborgs that will inevitably plague our future cities.
5 Online petitions are particularly useful if you are mobilizing opinion on behalf of a cause while on a deadline.
6 We are clear-eyed about the challenge of mobilizing collective action, and the shortfalls of our international system.
7 They are sealed and disempowering in their place in not mobilizing their energy to live the life they dream.
8 Governments have an important role to play in convening, mobilizing and facilitating.
9 Just the opposite. People are mobilizing energy by tapping into hope.
10 BP has created a huge command center at its Houston offices, mobilizing 500 people from 160 firms across the oil industry.
11 The Internet, for example, has played a huge role in mobilizing the public opinion.
12 Agricultural advance in so vast a country, with such a large population and backward economy as in China, requires above all else mobilizing the initiative of peasants to work hard and self-reliantly.
13 New social actors are mobilizing everywhere, from Bolivia and Venezuela to South Africa and the Persian Gulf.
14 Mobilizing people around a cause 30 years ago — even 10 years ago — was not such an easy thing to accomplish.
15 3 by 5" target has been a major catalyst for mobilizing international support and action around the global effort to expand HIV treatment access.
16 FAO, IAEA and WHO are committed to mobilizing their knowledge and expertise in support of the Japanese government's ongoing efforts to address food safety issues stemming from the events of 11 March.
17 We are mobilizing all available resources to provide urgently needed food assistance as part of a swift and coordinated recovery effort," said.
18 work out synergy by mobilizing all social forces and giving play to the talents and creativity of the people.
19 I am marking Africa Day this year with a visit to the continent aimed at mobilizing global support for reducing child and maternalmortality rates.
20 I think it went pretty well [in that case]. It was a great test of the tsunami system from what we do all the way down to mobilizing the people, and that is pretty rare.
21 Mobilizing to reach the 2015 development goals will require both a substantial increase in external resources and more effective use of all resources, internal and external.
22 The success of Chinese revolution depended to a great extent on the way of encircling the cities from the rural areas and mobilizing peasants.
23 China has been successful in mobilizing inward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
24 Objective To study angelica polysaccharides (APS) for mobilizing peripheral blood hematopoietic stem cell in BALB/c mice.
25 The UWSA and its allies, the Mong-La army and National Democratic Alliance Army (NDAA), and a non-ceasefire group, the Shan State Army (South), are mobilizing in the region.
26 Weare clear-eyed about the challenge of mobilizing collective action, and theshortfalls of our international system.
27 Reduces tissue breakdown of amino acids and proteins by mobilizing large amounts of free fatty acids from the adipose tissue.
28 Here's a friendly warning: the OTCs are now mobilizing on their next effort: Getting you to believe they are your friends and partners.
29 Kendeji who manages under maximal close inspection mobilizing in such an entire society, the consumer still has the woollen cloth what does not feel relieved about?
30 gliding nappe structure was mainly formed before the late Triassicera, but it was still mobilizing after the...