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mobilizing in a sentence

1. Mobilizing his legions, Caesar immediately marched to Cicero's aid.

2. Each partner's dominant function is the others mobilizing function.

3. On 1 January 2020, the first 750 troops began mobilizing to Kuwait.

4. His reasons for not mobilizing reserve forces were many.

5. (5) Training. (6) Servicing. (7) Mobilizing.

6. mobilizing over 1,000 college students for summer organizing;

7. He bent his efforts to mobilizing and training the militia.

8. Only in May 1940 did he warn that Italy was mobilizing.

9. ; unbridled optimism, mass-mobilizing appeal, and sunny imagery.

10. When the Korean War began, the Army began re-mobilizing.

11. Zhu agreed, and began mobilizing his army.

12. 3 Mobilizing people to action from a Buddhist perspective;

13. Mobilizing 83,000 people.

14. She was accused of mobilizing women against India.

15. Soon groups were mobilizing across the country to quell violence;

16. Mobilizing the West: Achieving Success and Making a Difference!

17. Re-searching: Mobilizing Knowledge in Education.

18. It took part in mobilizing radical peasant struggles.

19. mobilizing support for them;

20. MMP-9 plays a key role in mobilizing EPCs from the bone marrow.

21. Indians began mobilizing.

22. Chileans responded by mobilizing their fleet.

23. 3. Mobilizing funding to support health research for development.

24. • As means of mobilizing labour for economic development.

25. Spinnaker set for a broad reach, mobilizing both lift and drag.

26. Spinnaker downwind, primarily mobilizing drag.

27. COPINH is known for its mobilizing capacity.

28. His position was about mobilizing support for the cause.

29. Their activities included mobilizing women into large protest.

30. third, mobilizing the Moroccan people to seize power.