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No. sentence
1 Had it all been misunderstanding, her fury, my split lip, her wounded face, my helplessness?
2 In this case, planning poker serves as a cross-check, preventing a gross misunderstanding about the scope of the user story.
3 Merely to entertain such a possibility, he huffed on television, "reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of human nature".
4 Our misunderstanding of surrender and the trust that it requires.
5 This behavior collides with current software delivery models that recruit development and test resources from around the globe, and frequently results in misunderstanding between users and developers.
6 then decided that my goal with the book will be to promote a set of names that create the right mental images in people's heads and that allow teams to avoid common pitfalls and misunderstanding.
7 The following is a common misunderstanding of how DB2 accesses and locks rows.
8 There's an awful lot of misunderstanding about living frugally .
9 Critics of the coup-such as this newspaper-were denounced for misunderstanding both the depth of the evil of Thaksin Shinawatra, the prime minister they deposed, and the wonders of Thailand itself.
10 But he adds that the test highlights the need for transparency to prevent misunderstanding.
11 Meanwhile, I also notice some suspicions and misunderstanding in the press, and some reports are not objective enough.
12 One senior executive at a Chinese company operating in India says the potential for misunderstanding between the powers is caused by a fuzzy colonial-era border, drawn arbitrarily across a map.
13 Gates and Liang both stressed that the cooperation will expand mutual interests and avoid misunderstanding and miscalculation.
14 So, although commentators and politicians frequently blame food price volatility for human suffering and political unrest, they are either misunderstanding or misrepresenting the problem.
15 Mr Brown's sale also betrays a misunderstanding of why a country such as the UK has gold at all.
16 rush to impose restrictions on MFIs also betrays a fundamental misunderstanding about how the poor use credit.
17 Owing to Obama's ability to circumvent issues, I am sure the excuse of a misunderstanding will be attempted and would willingly be accepted.
18 Half body coma is apoplectic main foreboding sometimes but a lot of people are its misunderstanding cervical vertebra disease.
19 He drew his sword in its sheath and apologized for his defiance of the domestic, claiming a misunderstanding, and quickly left the scene.
20 Developers will continue to see debates about the capabilities of each, including plenty of myth and misunderstanding.
21 The idea is that communicating face to face minimizes the chances of misunderstanding, unlike writing all the requirements down in a static document.
22 more troubling answer, though, points to a fundamental misunderstanding: a failure to recognize that analysis of unemployment is crucial to conducting monetary policy.
23 The biggest misunderstanding in designing a recumbent trike is the requirement for both front and rear hub bearings.
24 Iff love is misunderstanding, who let I can return to perfect.
25 Owing to misleading media reports and public misunderstanding of the medical profession, Chinese doctors have become progressively demonised.
26 Never accuse a reviewer of dishonesty or exaggeration; erroneous claims are often the result of a misunderstanding, not maliciousness.
27 Still, an undercurrent of mistrust and paranoia, exacerbated by a widespread ignorance of Sudan's geography and history, tends to infuse Arabs' misunderstanding of the country.
28 To avoid any misunderstanding FAO, WHO and OIE would like to reissue their joint statement originally issued on 30 April.
29 Some northerners said the whole thing had been a dangerous misunderstanding.
30 This is liable to cause misunderstanding.