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mistresses in a sentence

1. instead, he openly took mistresses.

2. (French for "No, I shall have mistresses!"

3. Leopold had many mistresses.

4. He had many mistresses.

5. Throughout his life Philippe had many mistresses;

6. one of Sir Eustace's discarded mistresses;

7. however, he had two mistresses.

8. Lord Bath referred to his mistresses as wifelets.

9. He joined exclusive clubs and had mistresses.

10. Theuderic had four sons by unnamed mistresses:

11. Some mistresses have had considerable power;

12. Howard then lived with several mistresses.

13. Occasionally, men married their mistresses.

14. He also appeared as Harry Davis in Mistresses.

15. One of his mistresses was Juliet N. Gurjian.

16. Her godmother told her to prepare her mistresses;

17. and frequently having native mistresses.

18. Edward IV had numerous documented mistresses.

19. However, many men have mistresses.

20. Yuan also had numerous mistresses.

21. He also had a number of co-wives and mistresses.

22. John had four children by unknown mistresses:

23. Brothels and mistresses became common.

24. She helps the Mistresses at The Answer's camp.

25. List of Mistresses episodes may refer to:

26. She was also one of Napoleon's mistresses.

27. He also had a number of mistresses.

28. Nurse Scott in Mistresses (2010);

29. where he brought his mistresses and wives.

30. He can't stand clinging mistresses.