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No. sentence
1 Yet the size of these groups may be misleading.
2 excessive lightening, darkening or blurring of the image. thus misleading the viewer by disguising certain elements of an image.
3 of wealth can also be misleading. Folks can appear wealthy -- but the mansion may be fully mortgaged, the cars might be leased and the landscaper may still be awaiting payment.
4 If there are misleading statements in the company's advertisements, the applicable laws will be, at least under Dutch law, innumerable.
5 However, this is only one - misleading - side of the story.
6 They called themselves journalists, and there was an element of journalism in their reports—though the videos were later revealed to have been edited in massively misleading ways.
7 Telling children that a baby gets started when “a seed is planted” may conjure misleading images.
8 Certain claims are not defined by law - for instance, did you know that labels stating "fragrance" may be misleading because they are not required to specify any of the chemicals used in them?
9 He complains that the statement on uncertainties is also misleading because it does not reveal that uncertainties about future climate projections are, in his view, immense.
10 The samples could be misleading. But perhaps they reveal a recent change in Indian attitudes towards the value of daughters.
11 Dark matter might not really be "stuff" - it could just be a misleading name for the odd behaviour of gravity.
12 If so, the gloomy predictions of absolute American decline will turn out to be as misleading as similar predictions in decades past.
13 Given the heated and often misleading rhetoric surrounding this legislation, I know that this was a courageous vote for many members of Congress," he said.
14 The other drawback in the virtual world is that the processor busy rate can be misleading about how much capacity is left.
15 I tend to write in a very authoritative tone which is somewhat misleading.
16 However, I would also like to remind you that you should verify what you reports and sources they come from to avoid misleading the talks and resulting in misunderstandings.
17 I'd like to say that this is the best of all timer classes, but that would be misleading.
18 Such comparisons are not reliable for several reasons and can be misleading.
19 But other claims made for enlarging the airport are specious or misleading.
20 He might fool some people for a little while through misleading advertising. He will not do so for long, for mercifully the public has the good sense not to buy the inferior article more than once.
21 MFN was actually a slightly misleading term for normal trade relations without any extra tariffs or other barriers.
22 The GAO found that direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic test results were "misleading and of little or no practical use to consumers.
23 But appearances, in this case, are somewhat misleading.
24 In addition, when it is used, the error index must be reset to -1 before each parse operation; otherwise the result can be misleading.
25 Books are one of our greatest resources, but many times in history books have been written which are misleading or untrue.
26 However, I do think the central idea of the achievement of a four hour workweek solving all of your problems is misleading.
27 Hack is a misleading word here, as it is less to do with cracking into computers than with hi-tech high-jinks.
28 If TI had the courage to ditch its score-card, or at least publish it in a less misleading form, its other work might fare better.
29 He said Berkshire's net income can be particularly misleading because of the large amount of unrealized investment gains or losses the company holds at any given time.
30 Sugary foods are often associated with cavities, but that can be misleading.