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1 Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and other Republican senators have warned that they will not approve a treaty that would curb a planned U.S. missile defense system for Europe.
2 Cal state is one of 24 state university systems that have pledged to close the gap in graduation rates between low-income, minority students and their classmates.
3 This can be done – the majority of humanity can cast off the tiny minority of parasites.
4 put the consolidation of his family's power ahead of a sorely needed national reconciliation with an aggrieved Tamil minority is a decision Sri Lanka will repent at leisure.
5 We Belong to Them: Narratives of Belonging, Homeland and Nationhood Territorial and Nonterritorial Minority Settings ( Europe plurielle - Multiple Europes ) , 43
6 But minority, because the vacation thrusts out involves the trachea, the bronchial tube.
7 Riad, whose family is Coptic Christian, says the Littlest Lamb will be reserved for children from Egypt's Christian minority only because mixed-religion orphanages are not permitted in Egypt.
8 someone was John Boehner, then the leader of the Republican minority, and now the speaker in waiting.
9 People also lost trust in one another they regarded one another with suspicion and they blamed anyone they could for it, minority groups such as the Jews were blamed and punished.
10 This, wailed Mitch McConnell, the minority leader, risked turning the Senate into the House of Representatives—a very bad thing, in senators’ eyes.
11 The opposite fear—that justice is being meted out too hastily and harshly—is held only by a minority.
12 If pyramids are such a threat to minority shareholders, Mr Khanna asks, why does anybody ever buy shares in them?
13 That this was so is now a mainstream view, rejected only by a small minority of very elderly and deluded people, or the German extreme right-wing fringe.
14 Many minority groups throughout history have been disinherited by the majority.
15 We debated including Minority Report on this list, but more than eight years later, the film continues to influence the technology we use and develop.
16 Whatever the reasons, a moral malaise has gripped a minority of young Britons, a subgroup that is nevertheless big enough to terrorise and humiliate the country.
17 Most of the population is ethnically Albanian (95% of the population). There is a Greek minority (3%).
18 After 100 days in office, Mr Obama is still scorned by the people who scorned him as a candidate. But they are a minority.
19 According to Chinese law, cremation is required in most of the country. Ground burial is only allowed in a very limited number of areas, mostly mountainous minority villages.
20 Mr Karzai's main challenger, Dr Abdullah Abdullah, a champion of the Tajik minority, hints at what sort of change they would like.
21 In Scotland, where over 40% of the seats are chosen this way, there has been a string of minority or coalition governments.
22 Such persons are certainly in the minority.
23 Again, this is what the leaders of a powerful, if minority, party think. Can this country be saved?
24 I was rooting for Aliya partly because I'd met her, partly because I actually recognized her on stage and partly because, as an ethnic minority, she would be an underdog, despite her looks.
25 The British minority in Slovakia may not be quite as big as the Hungarian one, but it has its quirks too-such as playing cricket.
26 Many people suspect that early evidence of this was ignored by senior editors eager to nurture the careers of "minority" reporters.
27 She made a mistake common to candidates who take a position supported by a disorganized majority but opposed by an organized and animated minority.
28 Cyprus gained independence under Archbishop Makarios, but constitutional safeguards for the Turkish-Cypriot minority soon broke down.
29 support more rapid development of pastoral areas and ethnic minority mountain regions.
30 It could, in other words, be the device that takes 3d technology, which is still a minority sport despite the best efforts of television manufacturers everywhere, into the consumer mainstream.