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minimal in a sentence

121. There were only minimal extras.

122. Most produce minimal yellowing.

123. Damage to the ship was minimal;

124. Hardware changes were minimal;

125. In Cuba, impacts were minimal.

126. By 1868 inflation was minimal.

127. The crime rate is very minimal.

128. The episodes had minimal plots.

129. Shirley was a minimal typhoon.

130. Changes for 1976 were minimal.

131. Effects were generally minimal.

132. Damage in Bermuda was minimal.

133. Planet with minimal plant life.

134. Their effectiveness is minimal.

135. Defensive armament was minimal;

136. SWDs require minimal grooming.

137. This time damages were minimal.

138. Automobile traffic is minimal.

139. By 1868 inflation was minimal.

140. Goods facilities were minimal;

141. Economic relations are minimal.

142. Encana reported minimal damage.

143. School regulations are minimal.

144. Decorative woodwork is minimal.

145. Narrative details are minimal.

146. Freight services were minimal.

147. Alien Spidy has a minimal plot.

148. Once more, sales were minimal.

149. Gameplay in Fly Guy is minimal;

150. His pastoral role was minimal.