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No. sentence
1 At the other extreme, a thin client downloads only a small parcel of data with a minimal set of UI.
2 My kids, for example, can make themselves breakfast, shower and dress themselves, brush their teeth, and generally get themselves ready in the morning with only minimal prompting from us.
3 He does not plan to stick to bacteria, though. The other challenge, besides the minimal genome, is to repeat the trick with single-celled algae.
4 Women who wear A-cup bras, the site points out, "do not experience pain from running or dancing, they can sleep on their stomachs, and best of all, sagging is minimal compared to larger women."
5 fuel is so precisely dosed and so accurately distributed in the combustion chamber that only minimal amounts of fuel are needed.
6 There will be some changes to the specification before UML 2 is completely adopted, but these changes should be minimal.
7 After trying out different places, I find that I work best in quiet spots where there are minimal people around – such as my room, the library, cafes and in my neighborhood.
8 Builders are also a fabulous option when it comes to prototyping, or for when minimal development time and effort are required to produce a working solution.
9 The printed solar cells can also withstand a great deal of bending and stretching with minimal effect on their properties.
10 showcases present in a minimal structure where the only precious detail is left to the material. This helps to make more evident on the preciousness of the accessories.
11 example of such a service that could be impacted to this degree is a simple inquiry into a well-indexed relation database where the service implementation does minimal processing.
12 Some of the steps involve minimal, yet necessary, manual adjustments to ensure the value and usefulness of the knowledge base.
13 With no more than minimal Greek, the Chinese have little to do with the local police, and get scant help when their cash or merchandise is stolen.
14 The movement process can be coordinated so that it has minimal impact to the sources, for example during maintenance Windows to minimize the impact to operational source systems.
15 In theory, consumers could steer firms towards waste reduction by buying products that are easy to recycle, say, or have only minimal packaging.
16 When commentators have pointed out the risks of the VIE structures, investors have pointed out that if these structures are used by giants like Baidu, the risks must be minimal.
17 She recommends using the minimal necessary dose of topical ointments instead of slathering them on.
18 A new education law, shoved through parliament on the night of August 13th after minimal debate, already has the opposition talking of civil disobedience.
19 Rollout is the ability to delete a set of related data as a unit, with minimal logging, without having to delete individual rows.
20 Air travel itself carries only very minimal risks of infection with TB of any kind.
21 The art of good object-oriented design includes defining minimal, clear, and cohesive public abstractions.
22 It is generally a good idea to reserve at least one percent to give you a minimal buffer before you completely run out of space.
23 These are minimal standards, though - all they do is open a channel.
24 In contrast, if you take a moment to identify the stable relationship in your object model, then you can derive a more stable vocabulary at minimal cost.
25 This is the goal of IBM: to make it easy for you to add these advanced capabilities with minimal to no rework.
26 First of all, you need to pick a location where you can go that will allow you to have a clear view of the sky without obstructions. You should also have minimal interference from city lights.
27 Since everything in the IASP is guaranteed to be replicated, the administration and maintenance of your high availability environment is minimal.
28 These features enable you to migrate SQL scripts from other database server products to DB2, either as is, or with minimal modifications.
29 UsernameToken is similar to HTTP Basic authentication and provides minimal features, but is effective in a broad range of scenarios.
30 cache can easily scale to 40 GB, which can be spread across multiple machines, so the whole cache can be in memory, with minimal access time.