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mingling in a sentence

1. Clan ranges overlap, mingling pods from different clans.

2. A mingling of human and cat, as you doubtless know.

3. He also created the method of creation by mingling.

4. Typically, dating or mingling with customers was forbidden.

5. While in the Bahamas, Bonny began mingling with pirates in the taverns.

6. the mingling of magma from two distinctly different sources;

7. Menace: throw by Amun: reject, mingling: small;

8. Stephen is mingling with his in-laws and everyone is having a good time.

9. The Wassoulou area is a center for the mingling of several ethnic groups.

10. He likes meeting people but has been prevented from mingling socially."

11. Bara Rani taunts Bimala for her mingling with Sandip Babu.

12. His style was serene and facile, mingling humour with moral philosophy.

13. David is perturbed, "his expression mingling sadness and compassion."

14. In January 2006, seven prisoners escaped by mingling with visitors.

15. actively communicating and mingling with their audiences;

16. "Bayú" loosely means "party" or "mingling".

17. There is evidence of magma mixing and mingling.

18. Secondly, this co-mingling also raises the temperature of the intake gas.

19. Food, music, dancing and the co-mingling of the sexes was prohibited.

20. His sensibility suggests a mingling of Tati and Truffaut.

21. He saw Tara Devi coming out of his body and mingling with him.

22. the strange mingling of the old faith &

23. The ethnic groups would stick together, seldom mingling.

24. Many Alids managed to escape the battle by mingling with the pilgrims.

25. There is sparse use of dialogue and a mingling of realism and unreality.

26. Queen Natalija often walked down the korzo, mingling with the people.

27. There is a graceful mingling of strength and delicacy in her writings.

28. She loves mingling with the women of her constituency.

29. Liam is seen dancing shirtless and mingling with various women.

30. And mingling incantations on the air.