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No. sentence
1 you mind backing off a bit, Sir, while we clear this wreck out of the way?
2 These ideas have been forming in my mind.
3 His mind was sharper than you'd think, looking at his sagging, stubbled face, and I grinned, though I was becoming more and more reluctant to indulge him.
4 My mind flashed back to last Spring Festival.
5 The details of each target, including the knife used, it's all still so fresh in my mind.
6 I don't mind fitting my timetable round yours.
7 mind reeled when I heard the bad news.
8 Do you mind taking the children back?
9 The problem weighed heavily on his mind.
10 I hope you don't mind if my friends horse around after dinner.
11 His whole mind was concentrated on one thing only — how to turn table on the enemy.
12 Don't act.Your mind will urge you to eat that cake (" Just a bite! ") or smoke that cigarette or stop running or procrastinate.
13 When I speak to my archbishop in San Francisco and his role is to try to change my mind on the subject, well then he is exercising his pastoral duty to me as one of his flock.
14 His remarks swelled a past event up in my mind.
15 Shareholders, who should be concerned, do not appear to mind.
16 He just couldn't make up his mind either way.
17 KELLY: Ah, so it's all about if you think that the people waiting in line with you are waiting just as long, you dont mind it so much as if you think they might be sneaking up 17 seconds before you.
18 mind, Guan Yu admitted that if Cao Cao did not ordered his men to let Guan Yu pass through, he would not have gotten through the five passes alive.
19 Correct ideas are not innate in the mind, but come from social practice.
20 You encourage and prod and scold and smile and preach and beg and take the little screw-ups home with you, in your mind.
21 Would you mind giving him a message?
22 Would you mind giving us your autograph?
23 That matter is always on my mind.
24 This little incident not only brought warmth and joy into my heart... it brought a realization into my mind: I can either have a stressed, difficult day... or I can have an amazing, wonderful day.
25 you always have a story in mind when you create your paintings or do you sometimes go for sheer aesthetics?
26 Bear in mind, the industry tends to measure performance over ten-year periods, and not many people expect a roaring acquisition or IPO market for the rest of 2009, and arguably 2010.
27 Yoga seeks to bring harmony across all levels of our existence, from the body, breath, mind, spirit, etc., and unite them in harmony.
28 You can be a billionaire, but if you’re worried about money, and constantly thinking about it, then you’re not really wealthy. Wealth is in the mind, it’s a faith that the stream will never run dry.
29 His mind boggles at the king's arrogance.
30 Keep in mind that Dali is an open source plug-in so support comes from Eclipse.