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mimics in a sentence

121. That reasoned reflection also mimics God who made mind.

122. Adults are edible to birds and some species are mimics.

123. They are capable mimics, and are often kept as pets.

124. Some genera are ant mimics at certain stages of life.

125. This load mimics the .45/70 in both power and recoil.

126. One group mimics the males’ colour (androchromes).

127. The look and feel mimics that of Microsoft Windows.

128. he fails again when Peter Petrelli mimics his ability.

129. The animation also mimics the original music video.

130. When turned on the Star Bird mimics an engine sound.

131. This process mimics that used in early cartoon films.

132. Its cover art mimics the UK release of Brother Sister.

133. Hi's physical appearance mimics that of Larry Fine.

134. Many members of this New World genus are ant mimics.

135. On one occasion D.L. Hawkins mimics Uluru to Micah.

136. the mimics of the characters must be the same way.

137. These moths are mimics of a variety of Hymenoptera.

138. The hall's exterior mimics a large red natural cliff.

139. The young lady's posture mimics that of the oleander.

140. The young lady's posture mimics that of the oleander.

141. Several are therefore considered hymenopteran mimics.

142. This 33-part structure mimics Dante's Divine Comedy.

143. Warner Bros Plaza mimics the Hollywood of the past.

144. The wingspan is about 50 mm. Adults are wasp mimics.

145. Its appearance and lifestyle mimics that of a sponge.

146. The surface of the image mimics the effect of water.

147. One group mimics the males’ colour (androchromes).

148. This mimics the pressure felt during active birth.

149. This event mimics high-intensity interval training.

150. These can be used as mimics of natural glycoproteins.