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mimics in a sentence

91. The robot also mimics their upper body movements.

92. Act II mimics Ancient Egypt's desert and tombs;

93. Many species are mimics of Hymenoptera Apoidea.

94. She mimics political voices she disagrees with."

95. The relationships among mimics can become complex.

96. Biomechatronics mimics how the human body works.

97. Chemically, it mimics the nucleoside adenosine.

98. The color of the flowers also mimics rotting meat.

99. Adult Otophryne are diurnally active leaf mimics.

100. E. velutinus mimics Camponotus sericeiventris.

101. It mimics an analog loopstart or groundstart line.

102. Jordan treats Liz with contempt and mimics her.

103. The juveniles are mimics of venomous blennies.

104. The larvae are mimics of Micrarctia caterpillars.

105. Sita Dewi: Mimics Sita's coyness and femininity.

106. The Mimics constantly adapt to Keiji's attacks.

107. The western shore mimics the shape of the east.

108. The film is a sequel to 1991 film Mimics Parade.

109. The chart mimics the offense in a T formation.

110. The chart mimics the offense in a T formation.

111. The chart mimics the offense in a T formation.

112. The underside of the wings mimics a dead leaf.

113. Formerly in Elymnias: Several species are mimics:

114. The complex is a precursor to hydrogenase mimics.

115. The user interface mimics that of Windows Phone.

116. Many species in the subtribe are mimics of wasps.

117. It mimics the physical properties of wet sand.

118. Part of Female Mimics was the She-Male calendar.

119. It is notable for species which are ant mimics.

120. Tory Lanez mimics the flow for his verse, too".