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mimics in a sentence

1. The female mimics a sparrowhawk.

2. They are also very adept mimics.

3. Many are bee or wasp mimics.

4. appear to mimics flies.

5. Their body form mimics ants.

6. It mimics an ant.

7. It occasionally mimics other birds.

8. Super Mimics, a comedy show in 1979.

9. Carbetocin mimics this mechanism.

10. It also mimics other birds.

11. It mimics the host species's call.

12. Myrmecomorphs are Batesian mimics.

13. This mantis mimics dead leaves.

14. The chart mimics a T Formation.

15. It mimics the effect of glutamate.

16. Drug-induced lupus mimics SLE.

17. All species are wasp mimics.

18. They are mimics of carpenter bees.

19. They are stick mimics.

20. Mimics sawflies.

21. The larvae are twig mimics.

22. The larvae are twig mimics.

23. Both species are mimics.

24. He mimics Lorde's "sultry croon".

25. The adult mimics Danaus aglea.

26. They are twig mimics.

27. They are twig mimics.

28. They are twig mimics.

29. Perfect mimics.

30. Mimics Osmia (Apidae).