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1 Over the past years, as the courts strove to overcome the Mogadishu warlords, they developed militias, some of which have been pooled into a centrally commanded force.
2 Maj Gen Carter also said warlords in Kandahar had been allowed to build up militias which they then claimed were private security companies.
3 The real secret to trucking in Afghanistan is security on the perilous roads, controlled by warlords, tribal militias, insurgents and Taliban commanders.
4 Tensions have arisen between rival militias and the chain of command is far from clear.
5 says another priority will be to disarm Mohamed Bacar's militias and find their leader.
6 Most awkward of all, how would a Palestinian government disarm settlers who insisted on retaining self-defence militias?
7 After that, that was constantly thrown back at me as Iraq deteriorated: "you were an optimist and now the security forces you developed are in the grip of the militias," or this or that.
8 And plans remarkably similar to the old British idea were put in place for local defence militias.
9 President Bush says Iraqi security forces fighting in Basra will need time to overcome Shiite militias, but he is confident the government in Baghdad will prevail.
10 Some unemployed miners had been expected to join militias, though evidence that they have done so is scant.
11 The economic recovery after the genocide, when Hutu militias looted the country before fleeing into Congo, had been remarkable, if largely funded by the diaspora and by foreign aid.
12 The problem is in remote areas where rival groups - leftist rebels and right-wing militias - continue waging a ruthless struggle for control of coca crops and cocaine trafficking routes.
13 The American general in charge wasn’t convinced and publicly squashed the idea of militias, while Washington's ambassador persisted in believing the “only good Taliban is a caged Taliban”.
14 looting and arson by marauding militias have created an atmosphere of fear and insecurity.
15 In eastern Congo a rebel leader, Laurent Nkunda, leads an army that has clashed for several years with local militias and forces loyal to the Congolese government.
16 Hundreds have already been killed in similar incidents this year; some southerners accuse the northern government of arming tribal militias.
17 the summer and early fall of 1992, Gagra was the site of the largest battle in the war, with multiple offensives by both Georgian and Abkhazian troops and militias.
18 But recently the SPDC urged them to take part in next year's elections - the first for two decades - and incorporate the militias into an official border force.
19 Already some of the ISCIs have been acting up; gun battles between militias and police have led to deaths.
20 Mousavi urged his supporters to stay away from the square "to protect lives" and avoid being attacked by supporters and militias supporting Ahmadinejad.
21 Such militias are meant to provide a layer of local security alongside a sharp increase in Western (mainly American) forces and a near-doubling of the Afghan army.
22 But Iran's "malign involvement" in arming and directing Shia militias was also a problem.
23 be very careful about [that], because it's not necessarily tribal militias.
24 Security Council met Thursday to hear the secretary-general's semi-annual report on the implementation of resolution 1559, which calls for the disarming and disbanding of all militias in Lebanon.
25 Armed militias were also reported to have attacked two camps near Harare where people fleeing the violence had taken refuge after seeking shelter in the South African embassy.
26 but never stopped in the bad old days when looters and militias lurked outside the metal front gate, he says, “and we're still stuck.
27 Even with Iraqi helpers, American soldiers may not be welcomed in Baghdad's neighbourhoods now that Iraqis have turned for protection to their local militias.
28 Some say that the Kalenjin militias are now rearming.
29 Mousavi had attempted to cancel the rally after receiving warnings that militias responsible for policing it would be equipped with live ammunition.
30 There are reports that Mahdi army militias are harassing young men simply for wearing "western fashions".