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1 In recent weeks the foreign minister, Kasit Piromya, has railed at foreign diplomats who talked to the red shirts after the April 10th clashes, which the government says militant gunmen fomented.
2 Nigerian security forces continued to attack militant bases in the Niger Delta in the hope of allowing oil to be processed and exported unimpeded.
3 And they are often looked on suspiciously by insular Afghan militant groups who tend to depend on their own tribal members to enlarge their fighting ranks.
4 Royal Dutch Shell, whose facilities suffered the most during the siege, declared on Saturday that it would not be able to meet its contractual obligations on oil deliveries due to militant attacks.
5 However, a statement from the ruling Hamas militant group in the Gaza Strip praised the attack, saying it would not be the last.
6 Singh was accused of handing the Pakistani army an alibi for its murderous use of militant proxies—a monstrous outcome.
7 In a 2007 tape, the al Qaeda leader had even dyed his white-flecked beard black, suggesting that the Saudi militant is not immune to a measure of vanity as he ages.
8 SURROUNDED by troops, the suspected militant saw the vehicle already waiting to take his corpse to the morgue.
9 She was misrepresented in the press as a militant.
10 The Palestinian militant group Hamas says it will honor an unofficial truce with Israel after signing a reconciliation deal with Fatah.
11 Yet it seems more likely that the blurring of militant groups will persuade the army that an offensive in North Waziristan is unavoidable.
12 resident of a village just outside the main city Dagar, said that he has mainly seen helicopter gunships firing on militant positions.
13 I'm about to say, "No thank you, I'm a militant atheist," when he produces a piece of paper with a photograph on it.
14 He is now a militant atheist.
15 General Ghani insists this is because army raids and strikes are mostly hitting militant hideouts set up in high mountains.
16 The great friendship and militant solidarity between the peoples of our two countries are unbreakable.
17 General Abbas said military jets first bombed militant positions in the early stages of the operation Tuesday and then attack helicopters killed more than 50 fighters.
18 This new wave of research will not seep into the public realm in the form of militant atheism.
19 In the past, Hamas has not been able to rein in all militant groups here and its authority will be tested by this move.
20 military and civilian officials in Pakistan have strongly protested a U.S. ground raid last month against a suspected militant target on Pakistani territory near the Afghan border.
21 But it has demanded that Pakistan dismantle an anti-Indian militant group, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LET), that has carried out numerous atrocities in India, apparently including the outrage on Mumbai.
22 He sits in a car with two bearded guerrilla fighters of the West Papua Revolutionary Army, the militant wing of the Free Papua Movement (OPM).
23 On average, only one out of every seven U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan kills a militant leader.
24 The flooding has devastated millions of families all over the country, including areas known as militant strongholds.
25 The report says the letter also warns the Pakistani government "with unusual bluntness" that it cannot continue using banned militant groups for its policy goals.
26 The Palestinian militant group Hamas that rules the Gaza Strip met with Egyptian intelligence officials on Saturday to discuss the handover of captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit to Israel.
27 Like the disciplined militant he is, he will take his trove of secrets to the grave.
28 deal stipulates an end to militant activity, the expulsion of foreign fighters, an exchange of prisoners and the gradual withdrawal of the army from South Waziristan.
29 This morning, Pakistani jets bombed suspected militant positions in a Taliban-controlled town as residents appealed for a pause in the fighting so they could escape to safety.
30 In 1996, Tom Wolfe wrote a brilliant essay called "Sorry, but Your Soul Just Died," in which he captured the militant materialism of some modern scientists.