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1 She says she now believes in what capitalism can do but is equally proud of her past militancy.
2 Prime Minister Gilani started the peace dialogue with militants through tribal elders several months ago to try to end militancy and violence in tribal regions along the border with Afghanistan.
3 Many of these extremists misread the significance and intent of nonviolence because they failed to perceive that militancy is also the father of the nonviolent way.
4 A year ago, the late President Umaru Yar’Adua offered amnesty to Niger Delta militants if they would give up their arms and unconditionally renounce militancy.
5 At the same time I think the present government has not really settled down to an extent to formulate and implement an integrated policy against militancy and the rising insurgency.
6 He had flipped—turned informant—after only a few weeks in the Mukhabarat’s clutches, but nothing in his background suggested an aptitude for either militancy or espionage.
7 They worry that the murderous militancy that has killed 30, 000 over the past four years in Pakistan (see article) may emerge in the Arab world too.
8 Mr Zardari and Mr Sharif both say they want peace with India and an end to ruinous militancy. Neither is a friend to the army.
9 The border is too dangerous for anyone right now," said Ahmed Rashid, author of several books on militancy.
10 Their dashed journey underscores the insular nature of the Pakistan and Afghan militancy.
11 opportunity is to transcend its preoccupation with President and to start tackling the two huge problems Pakistan faces: the spread of Islamist militancy and a fast-sinking economy.
12 On taking the top job, he promised to solve three of the country's biggest problems: rigged elections, a woeful electricity supply and the militancy in the delta, whence he hails.
13 Last week Israel said it will allow a specially trained force of police loyal to moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to travel to Jenin in an effort to curb militancy there.
14 Mr Scargill-whose obduracy and militancy led his miners to crushing defeat-also haunts Mexborough.
15 He is unlikely to yield much ground to union militancy. It seems that BA's core shareholders support him: the share price hardly moved when the strike was announced.
16 Lu xun's essays are a unity of thoughts and artistry. the artistry of lu xun's essays mainly consists in its militancy figuration representativeness sense of humor and cordial feelings.
17 artistry of Lu Xun's essays mainly consists in its militancy, figuration, representativeness, sense of humor and cordial feelings.
18 had a record of militancy. He had been arrested by the Jordanians.
19 said there is no single solution to the issue of militancy.
20 But it is much less than the eradication of anti-India militancy that India demands.
21 This was encouraging. But it is much less than the eradication of anti-India militancy that India demands.
22 First they thought his role was limited to funding militancy but as information came in from stations around the world, a more threatening profile came together.
23 It is handicapped by the weakness of the rule of law, the poor investment climate (see article), Labour militancy and creeping protectionism.
24 to be decoupled only to the extent that Pakistanis must end anti-Indian militancy unconditionally.
25 People want operation against the militancy, but not against the innocent people.
26 Among rich countries, France has lived up to its name as a hotbed of militancy.
27 But the army says militancy is down to a "subcritical" level.
28 Until May 13th, the public face of such militancy was Khattiya Sawasdipol, a renegade army general turned red-shirt security chief.
29 One reason for the increase in PKK militancy is to goad the government into a cross-border attack which would, in turn, drain it of its growing support among the Kurds.
30 Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has condemned the attack and has reiterated Pakistan's resolve to fight militancy.