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milieu in a sentence

1. A milieu is a social environment.

2. Milieu may also refer to:

3. He wrote Le Milieu Divin (The Divine Milieu).

4. Gene activation depends upon the cellular milieu.

5. on the contrary, it rationalizes that milieu.

6. milieu) therapeutic approaches;

7. Into this milieu the image speaks with power.

8. In this milieu, the Philokalia was compiled.

9. The young Ewald grew up in that milieu.

10. Vasily was brought up in the artistic milieu.

11. Le juste milieu by Charles Philipon.

12. change in the chemical milieu (chemoreceptors);

13. Into this milieu came James L. Sims.

14. It occurs in the same milieu as Rainbows End.

15. Doigt du milieu 11 lignes.

16. Some lived in an almost entirely Greek milieu;

17. In this milieu, the Philokalia was compiled.

18. Graf was successful in this milieu.

19. L’Empire sans milieu, DDB, 2010).

20. Dragons' combat-focused fantasy milieu.

21. In such a milieu I feel Christian and Latin.

22. she was raised in a Reform Judaism milieu.

23. The educational milieu was favourable.

24. They are from an entirely different milieu.

25. Borgeaud came from a bourgeois milieu;

26. She grew up in an artistic milieu.

27. He was well integrated in that artistic milieu;

28. He spelled "milieu" for the win.

29. The milieu has actual promise."

30. sudden you move outside the mainstream milieu.