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1 Calculating the fluid dynamics of this unusual milieu is no mean feat.
2 Because it is written with FUSE, it operates outside of the milieu of the kernel and can be extended by any developer.
3 have more tension if they didn't appear so comfortably padded in a Nancy Meyers–like milieu.
4 Cracks can always be found for it to penetrate, levels where it can go on developing, ways in which, even in this suffocating milieu, it can arrange itself into stories.
5 The shock and awe which I felt while reading entire sections of Blood Meridian fit entirely into the milieu of my home life with the arrival of our squalling, sleepless baby boy.
6 The horrifying reality menacingly produce a feeling that the milieu is so bleak, plunging me into endless loneliness.
7 Ideas and concepts, even paradigms, come to fruition because of their social and historical milieu, as Merton and others have so aptly shown.
8 With the consideration of the implementary Social milieu of that system, this article covers amounts of related research and analysis to the present circs of it.
9 She is divorced, in a far-right milieu with traditional Catholic overtones.
10 Gingerbread houses are adaptations of French and Victorian architectural styles to Haiti's Caribbean milieu.
11 But the Egypt in which he had grown up, the milieu of the country's multi-ethnic urban elite, was fast disappearing; the summer of 1959 was the last Moreno would see of it.
12 The design of the building proffers that, which contemporary architecture can, to create a healthy atmosphere as a milieu for progressive teaching routines.
13 of Béchamp's contemporaries, Claude Bernard, expounded on the pleomorphic theory and said that the inner terrain or "milieu interieur" was the cause of disease, and not microbes.
14 Yet while the outside-work milieu might accept the empowered yet feminine ideal, the workplace surely doesn’t.
15 sudden you move outside the mainstream milieu.
16 Her recurring themes of loss, such as the escape that proves to be no escape, still resonate today, as does her indictment of her own milieu.
17 Likewise, the various microbial pathogens that invade our bodies and cause infectious disease interact with this complex 3-D tissue milieu.
18 Most of what we call apocalypses comes from either an ancient Jewish or ancient Christian milieu.
19 A good introduction to the works of a complex man, it adroitly places Niebuhr's thought among the 20th-century intellectual milieu that Mr Diggins spent a lifetime studying.
20 As you expand rapidly into this new milieu, you can learn more about how your reality is put together.
21 After all, she was born into the Georgia bourgeoisie, a milieu rarely thought of as action-packed.
22 Although Chopin did play in the large concert halls on occasion, he felt most at home in private Settings, enjoying the social milieu that accompanied concerts for the wealthy.
23 In our patient, these factors were combined with another possible trigger - an insect bite, generating an inflammatory milieu from which MCC could have derived.
24 But how does a teacher succeed in "dismantling" their students' egos in this kind of cultural milieu?
25 Oh, not exactly. I don't know that the arts have a milieu here, any of them; they're more like a very thinly settled outskirt.
26 project proceeds in complicated nature with so ci al milieu, suffering the influence of numerous factors.
27 This makes it possible for individuals to pass quickly and easily from one moral milieu to another.
28 David found it much easier to make friends in his new milieu.
29 It was "further proof of the unsustainable collusion between certain political elites and the milieu of money", said Arnaud Montebourg, a Socialist deputy.
30 If you could choose to be an artist working in any milieu in any country at any period in history other than today, what would that milieu be?