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migrating in a sentence

1. It is important for migrating birds.

2. These areas are essential to migrating birds.

3. Migrating or wintering birds sometimes sing.

4. Migrating birds live off their fat reserves.

5. Migrating flocks fly in a "V" formation.

6. A swarm of migrating herrings.

7. They begin migrating north in mid-March.

8. Even migrating birds cannot be ruled out.

9. Both are important stops for migrating birds.

10. Alvin's family is migrating west.

11. Several migrating groups of Miami &

12. They do not feed while migrating upward.

13. This land is important to migrating birds;

14. It is on the flyway for many migrating birds.

15. Migrating tides are sun synchronous –

16. Beaver dams help migrating songbirds.

17. Resident and migrating elephants are common.

18. later migrating to the United States in 1951.

19. It has been observed migrating in Sweden.

20. The cause of migrating was unknown.

21. It is an important stop for migrating birds.

22. A work dedicated to Migrating Humanity).

23. and migrating magma.

24. It is an important site for migrating birds.

25. It is a passageway for migrating fish.

26. There is a wide range of migrating birds.

27. This is the risk of those migrating.

28. Migrating or moving data is a common task.

29. Migrating the EAB session bean sample.

30. Migrating to AIX 6.1 using nimadm.