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No. sentence
1 One of the uncertainties of military duty is that you never know when you might suddenly get posted away.
2 I might have nice things, but I don't have time to enjoy them.
3 Changes might be made in the trunk, without being made in my work branch first!
4 Those are channels through which the emotions might pour.
5 We might as well bunk down in this hotel.
6 You might imagine that Western powers would welcome such an advance.
7 For instance, when publishing a book you might want to merge the chapter files or — as you'll see in the following section — photos files.
8 Your customer should fix missing data in their data source, but they might ask for help.
9 They died that we might live.
10 Behavior offers another explanation. "it might be that we didn't bite each other or didn't indulge in some behavior that facilitates transmission of these viruses," he adds.
11 Aid workers might benefit from something similar to the Rory Peck Trust, named after a renowned cameraman killed during fighting in Moscow in 1993.
12 they noticed is that one of these women might receive 90 messages in a month where as the other only receives 30. Why?
13 Or might he already have it?
14 They sought out a shady spot where they might sit down and rest.
15 China's missile might be vulnerable, some experts say, to America's newest Aegis intercept missiles, which are launched from ships. But a different type of countermeasure could be even more effective.
16 An individual patient might spend a whole 50-minute session telling me how much she hates her evil, persecutory boss; or he might launch into a monologue about the horrors of his teenage children.
17 For example, if your culture highlights bonuses, people might not want to come to trainings or get-togethers if they think that money spent on these events will reduce their bonuses.
18 There is a risk. If we select out all the embryos that have these mutations then we might be selecting out some of the best people in society.
19 You might notice that some templates seem to appear twice.
20 In this narrative, information might appear in any order.
21 So you have, I think, at least once record of what are the key parameters and what might one think about when one analysis this event.
22 Letting their tax cuts expire might reduce those bequests, but it will not reduce their current consumption significantly.
23 We might tan in the heat, or go red if we get embarrassed, but imagine if the color of your skin completely changed with your environment?
24 Tom hasn't been told that mum might be leaving him alone with grandma some evenings to go out and see a man called Chris, and that those hills might be the view from his bedroom for years to come.
25 I recently spoke with Chris Shelton, the president of AES Energy Storage, about the opportunity in energy storage, and he says it is more diverse than one might think.
26 We found issues on both the client - and server-side that might not have otherwise been discovered as quickly without this kind of interoperability testing.
27 However, if you do so, be aware that these methods might not be called when or as many times as you expect.
28 Of course, if the threat is that a rogue employee of the software company might produce a malicious patch, fuzzing becomes important again.
29 But all of the registers might not be relevant for all of the signals.
30 Another African summit, another disappointment. Any hope that the change of leadership in South Africa might bring change across the border in Zimbabwe has proved in vain.