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midwife in a sentence

1. Phoebe was a state-licensed midwife.

2. such as a midwife, nurse, or doula;

3. His mother was a midwife and nurse;

4. As for me, I guess I am the midwife.

5. Mysis leaves to find a midwife.

6. She was a midwife.

7. Arminda worked as a midwife.

8. so she worked again as a midwife.

9. She calls for a midwife.

10. his mother, a midwife.

11. Her mother was a midwife.

12. A midwife from Mitsamiouli village.

13. The chanter may be the midwife.

14. In addition, Midwife &

15. Alice Gregory, midwife;

16. His mother was a midwife.

17. She also acted as a midwife.

18. The Midwife Problem.

19. She is a retired nurse and midwife.

20. Peltokorpi is midwife by profession.

21. She is an experienced midwife.

22. Dugas was the village midwife;

23. In 1905 she qualified as a midwife.

24. Her granddaughter is a midwife.

25. She worked as a midwife for a time.

26. She was Head Midwife in the Dept.

27. his wife was a midwife.

28. his mother was a midwife.

29. cellar becomes history's midwife.

30. The midwife frowned.