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midlife in a sentence

1. no study has focused on autism after midlife.

2. these seasons represent youth, rising adulthood, midlife, and old age.

3. In the late 1960s, he faced a typical midlife crisis.

4. Menopause occurs during a woman's midlife (between ages 48 and 55).

5. He married Danielle Galliano in what he dubbed midlife crisis.

6. Toni is a 50-something car dealer going through a midlife crisis.

7. "Midlife Crisis" is a song by the American rock band Faith No More.

8. Most patients first experience symptoms midlife.

9. Some develop psychiatric problems and midlife dementia.

10. In midlife she turned to liturgical design.

11. midlife developmental conflicts;

12. According to Anthony Dalton's account, "Then came a midlife sea change.

13. Sensory changes and degeneration begin to be common in midlife.

14. See; Political midlife crisis.

15. As he reaches his mid-40s, he begins to undergo a midlife crisis.

16. The film is about the serious impacts of a midlife crisis.

17. midlife crisis.

18. Their research focused on midlife and later life health.

19. In midlife, Weir began to explore Aboriginal artistic traditions.

20. Midlife Vices does this masterfully."

21. Mrs. Bowen is part of his midlife crisis;

22. When Ray's father dies, it sends him further into a midlife crisis.

23. Carved in Sand: When Attention Fails and Memory Fades in Midlife.

24. This is my midlife crisis album!

25. The modernization and midlife upgrade program by the KESW Ltd.

26. Dennis's suspicions of his wife smacked of midlife crisis.

27. That's a common reason for midlife divorces, Orbuch said.

28. For most people, midlife is a time of independence and mastery.

29. I am concerned, midlife starts at thirty or before.

30. Depressive symptoms and menopausal burden in the midlife.