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microvilli in a sentence

1. Each ciliated cell has many cilia and microvilli.

2. The epithelial cells which line these villi have microvilli.

3. Every cell in the taste bud forms microvilli at the ends.

4. The luminal surface is covered with microvilli.

5. The microvilli are about 40–150 nm in diameter.

6. These skins are also covered with microvilli between the cilia.

7. Microvilli on the apical surface increase its surface area.

8. The molecules in the air are detected by enlarged cilia and microvilli.

9. Joseph cells are bare photoreceptors surrounded by a band of microvilli.

10. Microvilli are present in the canaliculi.

11. Each villus, in turn, is covered with microvilli.

12. The microvilli absorb fats and nutrients from the chyme.

13. The cell layers have interlocking microvilli.

14. This adhering activity is by microvilli that are on the trophoblast.

15. This spreading apart of the microvilli aids cells in absorption.

16. Some of them have an apical tuft of rigid microvilli (brush cells).

17. Some of them have an apical tuft of rigid microvilli (brush cells).

18. On the surfaces of the epithelial cells are microridges and microvilli.

19. This hypertrophy coincides with a drastic depletion of the microvilli.

20. It is lined with syncytial epidermis and numerous microvilli.

21. They are coated by microvilli which emerge to the perisinusoidal space.

22. Desmosomes and microvilli are present.

23. 3 sensory cells that have microvilli.

24. was suggested that LEA might be exported from cells via microvilli.

25. surface of the egg is covered with dense microvilli.

26. Only in midgut there was structure of the typical microvilli.

27. There are microvilli on the surface of mucosa cells of small intestine.

28. Microvilli on the cell membrane were commonly seen.

29. The microvilli showed partly falling and vacuolating.

30. The microfilament is the skeletal structure of microvilli.