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No. sentence
1 Mary was very shy before she met Jack; he brought her out a lot.
2 He was reading the plays of Shakespeare when I met him in the library the other day.
3 They met at the party.
4 I have met her once.
5 Ferrer and Hepburn met at one of Gregory Peck's parties, and they were married in September 1954.
6 They surged through cheering and Shouting and were be met by jubilant West Berliners on the other side.
7 Every stop at traffic lights on the drive from the airport home was met by jubilant newspaper sellers, proudly showing us the front pages, pointing excitedly to photos of Obama.
8 He served ten years in a federal prison and I met him five years after that, early in 2003.
9 election of the new government was met by a challenge from its opponents.
10 I had never met a foreigner who spoke such perfect English.
11 She met with her every week at a local church.
12 I have never really met with movie stars butsince I’m going to Sundance, I asked to see if I could meet RobertRedford, whose work I admire.
13 I met her once several years ago.
14 Where the islands of capitalism met the sea of subsistence labour, there was not a “beach”, but a “cliff”.
15 The two met in Canada where she told him all she knew of the Underground Railroad in the East.
16 I know of her but I have never met her.
17 We met, the Scotsman and I, one summer at the Edinburgh Festival.
18 But have you ever met a parent whose ambition and goal was to be a bad parent and hurt his or her child?
19 He took a bundle of notebooks on the Beagle as the ship sailed around the world between 1831 and 1836, recording everything from the weather to the clothing and diet of the people he met.
20 Finding his own scheme met with no support, the Mayor faced round and supported the ideas of his Councillors.
21 The court met again after an adjournment of two weeks.
22 A terrible sight met her eyes as she entered the room.
23 We met at your bar.
24 Mendoza, whom I met in a bar in la Candelaria, the novel was an exorcism.
25 When he and the little girl met he read her from these carefully composed letters the imagined adventures of the beloved doll.
26 He even met Dingee's brother a few years ago and got Dingee's address in Arizona, which he still has in his wallet.
27 Whenever we met with difficulties, they came to help us.
28 Then I met, or rather got to know, the lady who threw me first lifeline.
29 The plans to desegregate the universities were met with opposition.
30 I never believed in Hell until I met you.