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No. sentence
1 Since 1994, Carp has been a national historic site of Canada, a popular tourist destination and a mesmerising lesson from the school of bunker design and thinking.
2 Wrecked cars are casualties of the dead-straight road’s mesmerising dangers.
3 Frayne's award-winning show documents the tricks he has up his sleeve- from his mesmerising sleight of hand to his ability to walk on water.
4 images were taken using an electron microscope, and coloured to create a mesmerising catalogue of weird and wonderful life.
5 On a clear day.... Nasa reveals mesmerising 'blue marble' images of Earth
6 Messi produced a mesmerising performance in Argentina's and was unlucky not to have been rewarded with a goal.
7 In fact, Wang showcased his expertise on musical instruments throughout the night, banging-professionally on the drums and mesmerising his fans with nifty fingers on the piano.
8 of white Mountain Apricot and pink Mountain Peach contest, the competition being mesmerising.
9 With only a glass wall separating you and your guests from the mesmerising marine creatures that call these waters home, your wedding ceremony is beautifully surreal.
10 Apollo then played his lyre and sang at the same time, mesmerising the audience.
11 This separation causes a combative relationship between the poet and the audience as the poet seeks to control his listener through a mesmerising technique.
12 Audiences seem to have found the sleepwalking scene particularly mesmerising: Hazlitt said of it that "all her gestures were involuntary and mechanical ... She glided on and off the stage almost like an apparition."