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No. sentence
1 But those round Palmyra are not merely smaller, they are smaller than they would be if they were not hunted.
2 You need not flare up merely because I mentioned your work.
3 While others have argued that their bigger mouths merely allowed them to eat more food with each bite.
4 It supports polymorphism very well as you merely have records in the appropriate tables for each role that an object might have.
5 It's an interesting point: if a car is badly screwed together near Birmingham by a bunch of blokes called Derek, does that make it unattractive, or merely unreliable?
6 Another netizen disagreed, saying this was a sort of creative industry and was merely a different type of start-up for the young.
7 I think you're overly dramatizing; he merely brushed against you.
8 These are not recommendations, but merely an example that shows what type of information you might use.
9 Yet so monumental are the deficits that these reductions merely chip away at the task awaiting Mr Osborne if he becomes chancellor this spring.
10 But in fact, those who had better cognitive function merely walked more and climbed more stairs.
11 Principle-centered power encourages ethical behavior because followers feel free to choose based on what they want most, what they want in the long term, rather than what they merely want now.
12 Actually, if this work is pointing in the right direction, they were merely seeds.
13 She's not living, she's merely existing.
14 Merely to entertain such a possibility, he huffed on television, "reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of human nature".
15 The housing boom demolished certain metro areas in Florida and California, and merely grazed parts of the Great Plains.
16 Sometimes, like an enraged tethered bear, Mr Brown fights back, howling that Mr Cameron is merely a "shallow salesman", an insubstantial con man.
17 the speculation on their use, including that they may have been surveying instruments, some experts believe the Roman dodecahedr a were merely decorative candlesticks.
18 A merely adding chicken to a BLT will form a basic Club... but then it can be gilded with sliced hard boiled egg, three layers of house-made sourdough and a lemon Mayo whipped up by the chef himself.
19 Purists say that a further drop in house prices would merely shuffle wealth around.
20 cloud, of which he was now merely the fiery heart, without material substance, he swung through unthinkable arcs of oscillation, like a vast pendulum.
21 However, it is broken chrysalis merely.
22 Lady Ashton is undoubtedly stretched, and not merely by lack of experience or an inability to be in two places at once.
23 In theory this trade should not be sustainable in the longer term; the higher yields should merely compensate investors for the default risk.
24 is itself an absurd phenomenon, and we are concerned merely with its description.
25 More new vessels will merely widen the circle of losses, extending it from builders to shipping lines themselves, and back to even the strongest builders as competition intensifies.
26 is nothing to be gained by merely waiting.
27 He merely wanted to talk with her, not to make her angry.
28 It merely copies data from one field to another.
29 The whole plan is based on merely his own supposition.
30 Mr Nkunda knows that merely threatening such an assault will spread dismay and play on popular dissatisfaction with a government that has done little to please voters.